11. 11 2022
오전 11:00 - 오후 1:00

Deep Dive. A journey of creativity, nature, travel, technology and spirituality.

Art | Concept Art | Design | Technology
길이: 120 min
Original language: English
Simultaneous interpretation: 지원 안 함
Subtitles: 지원 안 함
Session type: Webinar
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The journey of being an artist from Venezuela who has chosen a lifetime commitment to art, highlighting the great expansion gained from growing an art career around the world as a woman, while working with various cultures, religions and social paradigms. A reflection on how making art can offer us as a way to process our outer and inner worlds, serving as a space for expression, connection, balance and empowerment, carrying us through a life filled with depth, purpose, beauty and creativity. A window into the spiritual process that led to becoming a visionary artist who creates large-scale immersive installations that invoke inspiration and connection to Self, God and Nature.