17:00 - 17:30 (UTC+09:00), 17 ноября

PILOT x Wacom
Digital Meets Analog. "How to reproduce the writing taste of analog pen"

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Японский, доступен синхронный перевод на английский
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Digital meets analog. Famous Japanese writing instrument manufacturer PILOT and Wacom form a tag team. What kind of dream this tag team will chase? Hideo (Harry) Yokoi, General Manager of PILOT’s Shonan R&D Center and Nobutaka (Nobu) Ide, President & CEO of Wacom, will speak of their hopes and intentions. They speak their passions for new products. The keyword of this session is "How to reproduce the writing taste of analog pens". PILOT’s R&D manager explains how amazing analog writing instruments really are. How much digital technology is needed to reproduce the amazing features of analog writing instruments. Now we are in a "creative chaos". Pilot and Wacom believe the digital harbors no hostility towards the analog. Both digital and analog pens make people creative. In 2021, PILOT’s and Wacom's challenge started. Their final goal is to have "digital pens and analog pens make people happy".