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A Wacom on every desk. A creative streak in every person. A Wacom pen or stylus just a stroke away. So much to do. So much potential. Let Wacom show you how to exercise your own creative license in ways you’ve never considered, with tools that will help you bring out your best. Consider the possibilities in how you sketch and draw, design projects or edit your digital images. Professional illustrators and designers, animators and 3D sculptors, creative-minded people in fashion and product design all use Wacom products to further their results, get more done, and enjoy their work. So whether you’re starting on your media tablet, just taking notes in a classroom or meeting, or striving for creative expression on your computer, Wacom has a pen, stylus, tablet or display that will serve as the best tool for your pursuit.

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Wacom’s line of stylus for iPad and media tablets, creative pen tablets, and creative pen displays helps you deliver the creative results you’re looking for. The Intuos pen tablets offer a great way to get started with digital sketching or photo retouching. Designed for professional-level results, Intuos Pro pen tablets bring you additional features that make this the ideal tool for working on digital images, graphics and design projects, or advanced art. The Cintiq line of creative pen displays delivers the distinct advantage of working directly on screen. Advanced display resolution and performance make this the ideal platform for creative professionals. The Cintiq Companion is a fully mobile Win8 tablet capable of running full versions of your creative software all on a mobile platform.

Working on an iPad or media tablet, check out the line up of Bamboo Stylus, including Bamboo Stylus fineline for notetaking in classrooms or meetings, and Intuos Creative Stylus 2 for pressure-sensitive performance on an iPad.

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We inspire and equip people to make the world a more creative place. As the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions, Wacom brings people and technology closer together through our natural, intuitive interface technologies.

Wacom's products have been used by loyal customers to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and product designs. They have also played a significant role in making technology accessible in a natural and intuitive way through pen tablets, interactive pen displays, digital interface solutions, stylus products and creative companions. It's possible for everyone to express their creativity in digital media, whether artists, business executives or people enjoying everyday creativity.

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