Ink to Vector

Keep your creative ideas alive with editable digital ink. Export your sketches and drawings to a scalable .SVG format for further editing and enhancing for web and more.

Export to PSD

Export your Artwork made on paper to PSD for further editing on
your Mac or PC.*
*Mobile support coming soon.

Your content everywhere

Be independent from devices, applications and operating systems, and rest easy knowing your ideas are safe with Inkspace. Sync all your paper and digital ink content to the cloud – and access your notes and sketches from anywhere, at anytime, across all your devices.


  • Plus Features

    Plus Features

    • Access, share and edit
      your ideas on any device.

    • 50GB of Storage

    • Ink to Text
      Convert your handwritten notes to typed text for easy sharing and editing.
    • Ink to Tag
      Intuitively tag your ideas on paper – your handwritten tags will be applied to your content automatically.
    • Ink to Docs
      Export your handwritten notes to .doc format for Microsoft Office and Google Docs.
    • Sync & access
      Have your content available to you – anywhere, anytime, and across all your devices.
    • Ink to PSD
      Save your sketches as .psd format for further editing in Adobe Photoshop.
    • Ink to Vector
      Export your drawings and notes to scalable .svg format – ready for your favorite software
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Get the most out of your Wacom device with Inkspace

Bamboo Slate

A smartpad that allows you to write naturally with pen on any paper, and with the push of a button convert your handwritten notes into “living” digital files.

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

A professional pen tablet with added paper-to-digital functionality available in medium and large sizes

Wacom inkspace app icon

Get Started with Wacom Inkspace app

The app that connects your Smartpad to your Mac, PC or mobile device. For access viewing Bamboo Folio and Slate content on your computer, you may also download the desktop version for Mac, or Windows. Full Desktop Support for Smartpads coming soon.


wacom marketplace

Find more software and services to free your inspiration. The Wacom Marketplace, a new dedicated for creative software and services.

Many tools, all in one place

One account for all services

Free trials for most solutions

Go to the Wacom Marketplace

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