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Wacom for capturing ideas


Remarkably easy: Whenever you discover something worth remembering, mark it with your Bamboo™ Stylus, and a note, and reference the site. And do it with ease.

Refine your day

How do you make that PDF handout work harder for you? What if it could be more interactive on your iPad? How do you call out the most important ideas and add your own notes on the fly?

If you're working on a media tablet and have a Bamboo stylus, suddenly you have a world of opportunity ahead. Imagine sitting in the university lecture hall. Are you going to use your iPad to email a friend or would it be better to mark up the PDF lecture slides.

Wouldn't it be great to precisely catch the key points and to note your ideas directly in your lecture slides? Your Bamboo Stylus fineline is supported by leading PDF markup apps. It allows you to mark and to annotate directly and intuitively on screen and to effortlessly share feedback too. Use it to turn your iPad into a high-precision learning device and into a smarter tablet for collaboration with Inkspace.

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Enhance your reading experience

Never lose a good idea – especially when you've found it in a good book. Just underline it on your screen using your Bamboo Stylus. It's just as easy and smooth as a yellow marker on paper. Nothing can disturb your digital reading anymore. If you want to take a break, mark the last word – and continue reading later.

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Mark anything on your iPad any way you like

Good advice and little hints make everything easier. So mark what’s worth remembering on your touch screen – with one of the supported PDF markup apps. And if you want to leave a short message for your friends – just write it on a paper notepad – and attach it anywhere you like. Your Bamboo Stylus duo is always at your side providing a remarkably smooth experience.

Wacom products for annotation

Choose up to 4 products

Bamboo Spark

A smart folio for Bluetooth® Smart ready devices to capture your notes and ideas with the simplicity of pen and paper. Push a button and move them to the cloud.

Intuos Creative Stylus 2

The ideal creative pen for iPad with a pressure-sensitive tip that offers the artistic control of traditional tools.

Bamboo Smart

(version for Samsung Galaxy Note)

A premium stylus for comfortable and authentic handwriting and precise sketching on most Samsung pen-enabled devices.

Bamboo Smart

(version for select tablets and 2-in-1 convertible devices)

A premium stylus for comfortable and authentic handwriting and precise sketching on select tablets and 2-in-1 convertible devices.

Bamboo Fineline 2

A fine tip smart stylus to precisely capture your ideas for iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad Air or later.

Bamboo Alpha

A stylus for smudge-free navigation and quality performance on touch screens.

Bamboo Stylus mini

A stylish, portable stylus designed to pair with your mobile device.

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