22:00 - 22:30 (UTC+ 09:00), 16. November

Global Canvas Art Jam with Sunday Sketching Collective

Es tut uns leid! Diese Session ist beendet. Schau später noch mal vorbei, um dir eine Aufzeichnung der Session anzusehen.
Nur in englischer Sprache

The Art Jam Session is a virtual art experience with drawing sessions on a shared canvas by five talented artists via Magma Studio. See how these professional illustrators Irina, Jenny, Simone, Olga and Vera of the SSC Collective draw between them. The artists will casually chat with us while discussing their favorite films and inspirations. Once we get started, you will be able to learn tips and tricks from them to improve your workflow with Wacom! This is a great opportunity to learn from the real Pros. Artists of all levels are encouraged to watch the session. Bring your questions, your ideas and your curiosity to this creative drawing experience.