Instill a creative foundation

Enrich the learning experience with creative digital tools that stimulate hands-on experimentation and foster collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.

Inspire creativity through art and technology

Arts education fosters creativity and critical thinking, skills that are vital to advancing the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When students create and practice on Wacom tablets, you can help them make connections between subjects and expand their learning.


Make more in your makerspace

Give your students the creative digital tools to explore, problem solve and share their dreams. Wacom tablets are a great way for them to experiment with what it takes to brainstorm and execute a concept. Students can sketch out ideas, draw, paint, design, and interact with the popular software for creating videos, games, products and other projects.

Whether learning how to build 3-D models for your printers or designing their next science project, students can tinker, test and collaborate freely with Wacom in your makerspace.

Move beyond the keyboard
and mouse

Studies show that writing by hand improves learning comprehension and retention. With Wacom, your students can put pen to screen or even paper using smartpads and digital stylus products for the note-taking and homework assignments.

While keyboards are commonplace in today's digital classroom, they are not ideal for subjects expressed through equations, formulas, diagrams and special characters -such as math, science and foreign languages. Wacom products make it easy for students to draw angles, sketch what they see under a microscope, and diagram sentence, for example.

Technology to create more

Intuos Tablets

Pen and touch tablets with free downloadable software and
training resources.


Wacom Intuos Pro

Professional line of creative pen tablets that deliver the pressure-sensitivity, pen performance and productivity features sought out by serious creatives.



Smart notebooks that allow students to write notes and draw naturally with pen on any paper then with the push of a button, convert into digital files.


Wacom Stylus

Wacom has a full line of stylus for your touch-supported devices, allowing you to digitally draw, sketch, take notes, capture ideas and more.


Creative Kids - Redeem your $100 voucher

The NSW Government is funding the Creative Kids program, which is all about making it easier for school-aged kids (4 to 18 years old) to get involved in creative and cultural activities.

Parents, guardians and carers can claim a $100 voucher per year with Wacom. You can apply for your voucher here:

Our Creative Kids offering includes everything you need to get your child started in digital art. Get a small Wacom intuos pen tablet packed with included creative software and training videos. To redeem your $100 Creative kids voucher please redeem via the link below.

Note: This offer is eligible for NSW residents only that have applied for a $100 Creative Kids voucher through Service NSW.

Redeem now

Contact a Wacom Specialist to learn more about our products, evaluation program or education pricing.

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