Japanese, simultaneous translation available in English
Online stream and on stage in : Tokyo

Here comes the closing session of this 27-hour event rolled out by connecting four cities on the world map. In response to the question cast at the opening, this session features artists from various fields with a different set of skills and creative touches for a heated closing stage. While the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra plays a tune from “The Planets”, an orchestral suite by Gustav Holst, two illustrators selected from the DRAW A LOT College Season2 challenge each other in digital drawing of the LIMITS format, and IMPALA and NORA are staged in a live performance. These happenings are superimposed on the basso continuo played as “the sounds of the Universe” (sound art through cosmic muons and solar winds). In the finale, art works of Satoru Kobayashi return from outer space accompanied by a series of comments from viewers. The end of a 27-hour journey through creative chaos is in sight. What is left from the journey? The closing session gives all of us an opportunity to reflect on its meaning and value.

(The “sounds of the Universe” project is supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo and by JSPS KAKENHI Grant No. 19K13027.)