The “One by Wacom, Wacom One & Wacom Intuos portfolio with a 3-month free premium service access to Explain Everything” promotion

Wacom Intuos, One by Wacom, and Wacom One with Explain Everything (3 months) Promotion

Effective Date: December 1, 2020

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a one-stop whiteboard for remote teaching. Find the best fit for your own personal brand of distance learning in a single solution.


This promotion is valid only during the Promotional Period (specified below), and is subject to these Terms and Conditions, including without limitation, the eligibility and other requirements, terms, and conditions set forth herein. By participating in the promotion, you agree to be subject to and bound by these Terms and Conditions.  


The promotional period commences on the effective date of these terms and conditions set forth above and continues through September 30th 2025 (the “Promotional Period”).


The following offer is made under the promotion (the “Offer”):

Qualified Purchasers (defined below) who register an Eligible Product (defined below) with Wacom (as described below) during the Promotional Period may receive a three (3) month license (the “Term”) for Explain Everything ( for use with the Eligible Product.

Upon the expiration of the Term, you will no longer have the right to use Explain Everything pursuant to the Offer.  If you desire to use Explain Everything following the expiration of the Term, you must acquire such rights pursuant to a commercial license purchased directly from Explain Everything or from an authorized Explain Everything reseller or distributor.

Please review the “REDEMPTION” section below for more information regarding the Offer and how to receive the Offer.


The following Wacom products are eligible for the promotion (each an “Eligible Product”):

Wacom Intuos S

Wacom Intuos S with Bluetooth

Wacom Intuos M with Bluetooth

One by Wacom

Wacom One

The promotion is limited to new products only. No used or refurbished products are eligible for the promotion.


Those purchasers eligible for this promotion include individual end users, as follows (each a “Qualified Purchaser”):

Any end user purchaser of an Eligible Product having a place of residence in the Americas region (i.e. the United States (and its territories or possessions), Canada, Central America, South America, or the Caribbean).

You may be required to demonstrate that you meet the Qualified Purchaser requirements as a condition for receiving the Offer. 


In order to redeem the Offer, you must comply with the following:

In order to receive the Offer, you must register your Eligible Product with Wacom during the Promotional Period at, and then manually redeem the Offer as described in this section.

Registration must be completed in full no later than the expiration of the Promotional Period. Registration requires that you provide the following information: first and last name, country, a valid email address, and the serial number for the Eligible Product (normally detected automatically). You agree to provide accurate and complete registration information.

When registration with Wacom has been properly completed prior to the expiration of the Promotional Period, you will receive an email from Wacom confirming your registration. The Offer will be available for you to redeem as part of your Wacom account ( (“Wacom Account”). The Offer must be redeemed by the end of the Promotional Period or you will not receive the Offer.  As part of redeeming the Offer, a license key or coupon code may be provided to you to the extent necessary to receive the Offer.  Please note that each license key or coupon code is unique per end user and coupon codes are for one time use only. Any promotional offers previously redeemed by you with Wacom can be found in the library section of your Wacom Account.

You must select the Offer by clicking the “Offers” tab in your Wacom Account. You will then be asked to select the particular promotional offer you are attempting to redeem, in addition to your preferred operating system. When the selection is complete, click “Redeem.”  If successful, the license key or coupon code will then appear on the screen (if applicable) and a confirmation email will be sent.  Not all promotional offers require a license key or coupon code.  A successful redemption will generate the “Start Now” button to directly download the software that is the subject of the Offer, or redirect you to the Explain Everything registration site.

You may need to register with Explain Everything in order to receive the Offer.  Please note that Explain Everything may require that you provide your name, physical address, and email address as part of registering with Explain Everything. You may also be required to expressly indicate your acceptance of Explain Everything’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

Should you encounter problems with the registration of your Eligible Product or in the event you do not receive a registration confirmation from Wacom despite having completed the registration process, please contact Wacom’s Customer Support Center using the contact form at:

Wacom SHALL HAVE NO responsibility or liability TO YOU OR TO ANY OTHER QUALIFIED PARTICIPANT for ANY delayed or FAILED registrations (EITHER WITH WACOM OR WITH Explain Everything), FOR any lost or incorrect SOFTWARE LICENSE KEYS OR COUPON CODES, OR FOR ANY DELAYED OR FAILED ACTIVATIONS, no matter the cause.


If you cancel or return your Eligible Product, regardless of the reason, then you will no longer be eligible to participate in the promotion or receive the Offer, or to otherwise use Explain Everything or exercise the rights granted to you pursuant to the Offer. 


The Offer is valid only while supplies last and the Eligible Products are subject to availability.  The promotion and the Offer are subject to the laws of the United States of America, and are void where prohibited or restricted by law.  Except as otherwise authorized by Wacom, neither the promotion nor the Offer may be combined with any other Wacom promotions or offers.  Wacom is not responsible for any inability to read these Terms and Conditions due to the fact that these Terms and Conditions are in the English language. Explain Everything  is owned, managed and/or controlled by Explain Everything, and accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that your use of Explain Everything and your registration with Explain Everything is subject to the terms and conditions governing the use of Explain Everything and/or your registration with Explain Everything, as established, adopted and/or amended by Explain Everything from time to time. Wacom is not responsible for Explain Everything or for your registration with Explain Everything, and Wacom shall have no responsibility or liability to you or to any other Qualified Purchaser in connection therewith.  In particular, Wacom shall have no responsibility or liability to you in the event Explain Everything ceases to provide Explain Everything or otherwise terminates or cancels your registration with Explain Everything, or for any loss, destruction or other damage you may suffer or incur in connection with your use of Explain Everything and/or your registration with Explain Everything.  Wacom may use any information provided by you in accordance with its privacy policies posted online at:  Should any term of the promotion or these Terms and Conditions be or become completely or partially ineffective, then this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining conditions; instead of the ineffective conditions, a condition that is legally permissible and has as nearly as possible the effect desired of the ineffective condition shall apply. Wacom reserves the right to end and/or change the promotion and/or the Offer unilaterally and without prior notice to you, including without limitation, the right to change these Terms and Conditions.


For any questions concerning this promotion, please contact Wacom’s Customer Support Center: or call 1-855-699-2266, Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm.

© 2022 Wacom Technology Corporation.  All rights reserved.  WACOM is a trademark of Wacom Technology Corporation and/or its affiliates and is registered in the U.S. and other countries.  Explain Everything is either a registered trademark or trademark of Explain Everything in the United States and/or other countries. 

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