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Some sessions at Connected Ink 2021 come with "afterstories" giving us an update on the subsequent evolution and development of some of the projects. Are you curious to know how the joint projects of Wacom, Connected Ink Village and their partners are getting on? If so, you can tune to the following online video broadcasts:

Agenda - Japan Standard Time

4:30 - 5:05 pm: Interim Report on the Project "MINAMOTO x Eshi 100"

5:05 - 5:20 pm: mui Lab - Cabin & muihaus

5:20 - 6:05 pm: Call and Response Vol.3

6:05 - 6:30 pm: Mini Live Concert with Rieko Ogino and Hirotaka

In the "MINAMOTO x Eshi-100" Project, three pairs of modelers and illustrators will be announced and the progress of their collaboration will be spotlighted.

“Call and Response” is now being staged for the third time. Yu Takada’s painting works “Maze” will ignite a dynamo in various creators for their inspiration-filled performance.

The finale of the first “Afterstory” event will be beautifully staged by the Connected Ink 2021 music team, with Rieko Ogino (nicknamed “Oggi”) as vocalist and Hirotaka as guitarist.