1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+09:00), November 17

Call and Response Vol. 2: How do people “respond” to the “call” of arts having special aura of “being different”? Which expressions will come out in response?

Japanese, simultaneous translation available in English
Online stream and on stage in : Tokyo

“Be Different” is the mission that HERALBONY Co., an art experiment unit, is pursuing in the world of welfare. Given stimuli from the works of HERALBONY artists working under the motto of “Be Different”, how and with what performances do creators respond? What is the impact of the “heartfelt vibes” born out of the collaboration of human expressions in different fields? Following the first one staged by HERALBONY, Wacom and the Connected Ink Village on September 24, 2021, the collaboration now taking place for the second time presents yet another evolution of human expression of greater imagination fuelled by interaction. The event gives an opportunity for these three groups to present new core value under the framework of “Call and Response”, an innovative undertaking in this direction.