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Signature Verification

Confirming commitments

Biometrically accurate electronic signatures that stand up in court.

Helping prove identities

Big commitments need to be honored. Any doubts that a signature on an important document is genuine need to be minimized. Electronic signature data captured, visualized and stored using WILL™ digital ink contains biometric and date/time data that contributes to the legal status of a document. This makes it the perfect tool for use cases in which electronic signatures need to be verified immediately and permanently, such as the completion of financial loan contracts.

Wacom for Signature Verification

Wacom’s solutions for Signature Verification leverage Wacom signature pads, pen displays and mobile signature solutions to help organizations ensure contracts are legally binding. What’s more, our digital ink SDKs, featuring Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) technology, ensure biometrically accurate electronic signatures can be captured on any compatible Wacom or third-party device.

Wacom for Business Solutions Signature Verification
Typical Products
  • Hardware
  • Software

Typically, this solution features some or all of the following device types:

Some or all of these software products can be integrated within this solution: 


Learn more about how the Wacom Signature Capture solution adds value to document workflows in your industry:

Wacom for Business Healthcare esignature Annotation

Digital consent, records and patient care with a human touch.

  • Medical Records
  • Medical Imaging
Wacom for Business Financial services esignature

Legally binding signatures for significant commitments

  • Account opening
  • Verification
Wacom for Business Retail esignature Form Filling

Reliably authentic signature capture for millions of POS contract transactions

  • Credit card purchase
  • Maintenance service
Wacom for Business Hospitality Tourism esignature Form Filling
Hospitality & Tourism

Registration and approvals that stay personal.

  • Guest Registration
  • Rental Car Pick-up
Wacom for Business Public sector Government form filling esignature consumer agreement

Digitizing a wide range of governmental document-heavy processes

  • Government Services
Wacom for Business Education esignature Annotation

Powering a modern learning experience.

  • Interactive classrooms
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