Welcome to Connected Ink Portland

Welcome to Connected Ink Portland

Connected Ink invites you to explore the future of human creativity, both in person at our Experience Center in Portland, Oregon, or online from anywhere in the world. Join us from November 8th to 18th , 2022. while we discuss art, education, science, and technology.

We call it “Creative Chaos”, where we welcome imaginative and curious people from all walks of life to come together to join the conversations and discuss together with us this year´s key questions of Connected Ink 2022.

“Have Humans really evolved since their origins?” and, “Do Wacom’s technology and tools really contribute to human creativity?”

These key questions are about humanity’s evolution and creativity, and how they connect to culture, society, and our future as human beings.

In Portland we invite you to listen, learn and join in the conversations around the themes of humanity, education, digital ink technology, and creativity. 

Each day we will explore and discuss under a dedicated key topic.

Digital Ink Technology 9th of November

Creativity 10th of November

Humanity 15th of November

Education 16th + 17th of November

Next to Portland, Connected Ink happens parallel around the world in Tokyo, Seoul, China, and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Please join us on this engaging journey about us and our future as humans.

Registration is free.

Wacom Experience Center address: 1455 NW Irving St, Portland, OR 97209, USA
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