Connected Ink Technology Day - November 10th

Connected Ink Technology Day - November 10th

Connected Ink Technology Day

In 1984 Wacom introduced the first graphic tablet with a wireless pen. But since then, it’s not just creative professionals all over the world that have come to rely on our technology. Institutions and businesses in education, healthcare, finance, insurance and many other sectors benefit from our wide range of hardware and software solutions. Our belief in the power of the digital pen drives continuous development of our technologies to support people in their daily lives. Join our technology day at Connected Ink 2022 on November 10th for a deep dive into the latest trends in digital pen and ink.

Understanding the meaning of ink

Adaptive learning is a hot topic in the education sector. It supports the tailoring of the learning experience to the skills and needs of individual students. Technologies leveraging the digital pen can simplify the transition for teachers and learners. This session explores Wacom's semantic ink technology and how deep learning will empower it to understand all kinds of handwritten content.

Creative Rights Initiative

The Creative Rights Initiative aims to give artists more control over their copyrights and allow better license and contract management in the digital world. How can artists enable the authorized usage of their content without losing control? With Wacom Yuify we will introduce a ground-breaking service that will enable artists to register their creations and manage the associated digital rights. Join this discussion with our experts to learn more about the opportunities.

Secure Signing: Biometric Signature, Web3.0 and Self-Sovereign Identity

Many transactions require a handwritten signature for consent and authorization. Wacom technology can be used to prevent signature fraud and automate trust in these scenarios. Discover how Wacom's digital signing solution will help deliver a natural pen and inking experience within a secure and decentralized ecosystem.

The future of creation in VR, XR, Metaverse.

Art and creativity have no limits - it is truer today than ever. New technologies open up new worlds for the creative community and offer novel ways for artists to express themselves. Learn more about how to use Wacom's digital pen displays to create content in this exciting environment.

Digital Stationery Consortium

The Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) is a network of global industry- and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics with a shared interest in developing new smart digital stationery solutions. At the Connected Ink Event in November, DSC members will be sharing their stories about how their membership and collaborations with DSC colleagues have helped them accomplish their ambitious digital goals.