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Wacom enables organizations to digitize their in-person document workflows with bespoke combinations of award-winning Wacom hardware, third-party devices, and state-of-the-art Wacom digital ink software.

Flexible options

Wacom solutions consist of flexible combinations of Wacom or third-party hardware and Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™)-enabled software. Each solution caters to different use cases in a wide range of environments, from hospitals to banks, shops and schools. All provide the same benefits of enhanced process efficiency, reliable, low maintenance operation, and an optimized user experience.

Bridging the human/digital divide

Once implemented by Wacom’s specialist partners, organizations benefit from processes that are more digital. But these processes also retain the natural in-person interactions that people prefer, especially when making important decisions.

Wacom for Business Solutions
Signature Capture
Wacom for Business Solutions Signature Capture

Enabling familiar handwritten electronic signatures within in-person document workflows.

Signature Verification
Wacom for Business Solutions Signature Verification

Biometrically accurate electronic signatures that stand up in court.

Wacom for Business Solutions Annotation

Personal notes and sketches within documents using any pen-enabled device.

Wacom for Business Solutions Form filling

Instant digitization of handwritten form input.

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