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Get Started with your Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio

It’s easy to get started with Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio, and turn your ideas on paper into practical digital notes. Use the Inkspace Cloud service to sync your notes, drawings and doodles across devices. Use the Bamboo Spark app to make basic edits to your work. Then refine them further, or work on them together with others via the free Bamboo Paper app.

Follow the steps below to make the most of your new smartpad.

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More Info?

Go to the product page to learn more about the Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio

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Getting Started

Just scroll down to get stared with your Bamboo Slate or Bamboo Folio

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Bamboo Spark?

To get started with your Bamboo Spark

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Bamboo Slate Folio Step by Step

Get started in 7 quick and easy steps

Bamboo Slate Folio Step 1

Step 1

Charge your smartpad by connecting
to a USB charging device

Bamboo Slate Folio Step 2

Step 2

Download the Wacom Inkspace
app to your mobile device

Learn More

Bamboo Slate Folio Step 3

Step 3

Activate Bluetooth®
on your mobile device

Bamboo Slate Folio Step 4

Step 4

Follow the setup instructions
shown in the Wacom Inkspace app

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Bamboo Slate Folio Step 5

Step 5

Create Wacom ID and
activate Inkspace Basic

Bamboo Slate Folio Step 6

Step 6

Unlock your free three-months
subscription to Inkspace Plus

Bamboo Slate Folio Setup background
Bamboo Slate Folio Step 7

Step 7

Download Bamboo Paper to
further editing and refining.

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Inkspace Service logo

Setting up your smartpad with Inkspace

Creating your Wacom ID automatically comes with some great Inkspace Basic features for your smartpad. To make sure you can enjoy these great features that make your smartpad even more powerful just login in with your Wacom ID in the Wacom Inkspace app or sign up if you don´t have a Wacom ID yet. It will unlock 5GB storage, automated syncing and you will have access to your synced work anytime from everywhere through the Inkspace web portal.

Activate your Inkspace Plus

Your smartpad also comes with a free three-month subscription for Inkspace Plus*.

  • 50GB of Storage
  • Convert your handwritten text to rich text with Ink to Text.
  • Export your sketches to a scalable vector with Ink to Vector.
  • Work together remotely on one canvas in real-time with Ink Collaboration.

To unlock your Inkspace Plus make sure that during your smartpad* set-up you sign up for Inkspace or login with your Wacom ID.

*The Inkspace Plus promotion is only valid for the products Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio, both A4 / letter format and A5 / half letter format.

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Start Writing

Use the Bamboo Folio or Bamboo Slate pen and start writing on paper. When you're finished with a page of notes, press the button on the smartpad to save them to the Wacom Inkspace app. Don't worry if you forget to press the button before starting a new page. Your notes are timestamped, so you can arrange them later in the Wacom Inkspace app.

Your pen requires a special ink cartridge to work, available for purchase on the Wacom website.

Edit and refine with WILL logo

The Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) is the universal inking engine and ink layer framework that connects hardware, software and applications. By using WILL™ technology, the notes you capture on the Bamboo Spark or with Bamboo Paper will remain editable for further refinement or enhancement within the Wacom ecosystem.


Ink Cartridges

3-pack of ink cartridges for your Bamboo Spark, Bamboo Slate, and Bamboo Folio pen.

Notepads, A5, small

3-pack of A5 notepads designed to fit perfectly with your Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Spark

Notepads, A4, large

3-pack of A4/letter size notepads designed to fit perfectly with your large version of Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate.

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