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Empowering digital creativity for 40 years

For four decades, artists and designers around the globe have relied on Wacom technology to create amazing work. Pull the curtain back from awe-inspiring designs, innovative products, blockbuster movies and popular games, and you'll find Wacom behind the scenes. Wacom's sole focus is on developing solutions that help you and your team make the world a more creative place.

"So for years we have been using pen displays and pen tablets in combination with high end monitors, and today we can reduce all of that into a single device. And I think this is definitely something to consider when thinking about investing in new hardware. So a new pen display and a new monitor, or just simply one new device such as the Cintiq Pro."

-Philippe Stalla

Create, iterate and collaborate like never before

Yours is a world of big ideas, small details and pressing deadlines. It's a place where success comes from effectively balancing the freedom your employees need to do their work while minimizing the time it takes to deliver flawlessly. With Wacom, you can get more out the door, faster, and without sacrificing quality.

Intuitive and immersive, Wacom interactive displays and pen technology combine the feel of using traditional media with the advantages of an all-digital workflow. Your entire workgroup benefits from the color-accurate screen displays, time-saving tools and shortcuts, and the ease of creating and sharing digital content. The result is a dramatic uptick in productivity, comfort and control.


“It’s an animation that speaks about the lives and the cultures of the Filipinos was the idea for a masterpiece. But we needed to give our team the best tool in expecting the best output – we used WACOM”

Jacky Chua, Managing Director of Synergy88 Entertainment Media



Technology for today's creatives

“To do this they use WACOM as an essential tool to help them deliver on the ideas and bring visions to life. The Cintiq’s technological advancement is bar none – because it changes the way they work.”

- Chutivat Cherdchoo, Creative Director and Chief Visionary


Maximum performance, maximum value

Outfitting your business with a suite of creative tools is a serious undertaking. How do you know if your investment will pay off? Since Wacom products are engineered for long-term value and performance, you'll find that the commitment is money well spent.

With Wacom products, your staff can get more work done faster, which translates to savings that directly impact your bottom line. Plus, full integration with a wide range of creative software applications ensures the dollars you invest in a total solution return maximum value.

Hassle-free technology that keeps your business moving

Adding new technology to your workplace doesn't have to slow you down. Not only do Wacom pen computers, displays and tablets interface effortlessly with existing technology (Mac, Windows or Linux; single or multiple monitors), they're easy to configure and maintain. They're also compatible with widely-used creative software, and come with standardized connectivity and time-tested reliability.

Wacom products are designed to make installation and training easy for your IT staff and employees. Plus, our technical support staff is always on point and well versed to assist you via phone, email and chat.


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