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Patented Wacom technologies are the power behind the new generation of Wacom solutions.

Uniquely powerful

Wacom’s experience and patented technology across digital pens, signature pads, smartpads, pen displays and ink are second to none. In fact, Wacom technologies have become the de facto industry standards for enabling reliably precise, familiar digital pen inputs and rendering attractive, biometrically accurate digital ink outputs.

Brilliantly adaptable

Increasing numbers of organizations across business, healthcare and education around the world rely on these technologies to digitize document workflows that involve trusted, in person interactions.

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Wacom Technologies

Electro-magnetic Resonance (EMR)
Wacom digital pen image

EMR delivers a digital handwriting experience that feels as intuitive and natural as pen on paper.

Active Electrostatic
Wacom for Business AES Technology

Active Electrostatic technology enables a precise, power-efficient digital pen input experience.

Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™)
WILL Technology

The WILL™ standard for visualizing and storing digital ink data opens the door to new levels of creativity.

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Wacom Technologies

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Explore flexible combinations of Wacom or third-party hardware and Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™)-enabled software.

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