Wacom learning tablets for school kids

They have long since become part of our everyday lives. We find them simply everywhere: in the kitchen, in the car, on the sofa. What we are talking about are digital devices. We use them for quick internet searches, to interface with other electronic devices, and to watch films. Even the youngest children happily swipe away on touch screen displays.

It has even become hard to imagine school time without them, because tablets and the like provide excellent learning potential for children. With suitable software, learning can be fun, knowledge gaps can be closed, and skills expanded. But, does tapping, scrolling and swiping really promote good learning? The Wacom learning tablets are different: they enable input by pen.

Wacom learning tablets make all the difference: pen input

The biggest difference between Wacom learning tablets and other tablets is that input is with a digital pen. Wacom products were originally developed for professional illustrators and artists. This is our starting point and and it is where school kids benefit too. Scientific studies have shown that writing by hand ensures that learning content is better anchored in the brain. Wacom products with pens give writing the same feeling as on paper. Our pens write with extreme precision and are at the same time robust enough for children's hands. This way, homework can be completed digitally and the brain still receives the impulses that remain so important for learning.

Wacom learning tablets: practical and flexible

Nowadays, technological devices need to meet many requirements. That's why flexible solutions are so in demand. Since Wacom learning tablets work with the most standard operating systems, the tablets can be optimally adapted to school and home requirements. Modern interface solutions ensure a flexible readiness for use. Plug and Play makes the tablets compatible with all your other devices in the home and at school. These are our solutions for learning using a computer:

One by Wacom: pen tablets for natural pen input

Our pen tablets are simple input devices perfect for children's hands. They plug into a PC, Mac or Chromebook and with the pen, pupils can fill in their worksheets and do homework just as they would on paper - digitally and by hand simultaneously. Our most affordable solution, the One by Wacom pen tablet, costs no more than a quality computer mouse. Software specifically designed for learning (Collaboard, Explain Everything, Kami, Limnu, Pear Deck) is included for free. One by Wacom is available in Small and Medium sizes.

Wacom One: The pen display for school

The 13.3-inch Wacom One pen display is an ideal, cost-effective add-on to any computer or Android device. Because it has feet, you can set it up for a particularly ergonomic hand position. Simply connect the Wacom One pen display to a PC or Android phone via USB cable and write and draw as if on paper. The Bamboo Paper and further software packages are included free of charge. Because writing happens directly on the large display, it makes almost no difference how small the smartphone you're actually working on is, for example.

Collaborare e insegnare nelle aule online. Introduzione a Wacom One.

Wacom One è uno strumento utilissimo per insegnare e collaborare. È anche facilissimo da usare, grazie allo schermo da 13,3" e al fatto che dona la sensazione di usare la penna sulla carta. Ti permette di restare connesso con gli studenti e di condividere idee con altri insegnanti. Collega Wacom One al tuo computer o a determinati dispositivi Android per iniziare subito a lavorare.

Prodotti consigliati

Wacom One 13
Disegna, progetta e crea direttamente su uno schermo ad alta risoluzione con una penna precisa.

Acquista Wacom One 13

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Puoi creare bozzetti, disegnare e modificare immagini con un pad reattivo e una penna precisa mentre vedi le tue creazioni prendere vita sullo schermo.

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Disegna, progetta e crea con una penna precisa direttamente su uno schermo ad alta risoluzione.


Scrivi con la penna sulla carta e converti in digitale i tuoi appunti manuali.


Scrivi e metti nero su bianco le tue idee sul tuo dispositivo mobile con una penna digitale Wacom.

Informazioni su Wacom

L’idea di Wacom è quella di avvicinare persone e tecnologia attraverso tecnologie naturali. È questo che l'ha resa leader al mondo nella produzione di tavolette con penna e display interattivi, penne digitali e soluzioni per il salvataggio e l'elaborazione di firme digitali. La tecnologia all’avanguardia dei dispositivi Wacom è stata utilizzata per creare alcune delle più emozionanti opere d’arte digitali, film, effetti speciali, moda e design del mondo. La sua tecnologia ad altissimi livelli consente sia ad aziende che a privati di esprimere la propria personalità. Fondata nel 1983, Wacom è un’azienda internazionale con sede in Giappone (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6727) e uffici in tutto il mondo a supporto del marketing e della distribuzione in oltre 150 paesi. 

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