Powering Digital Education Development

The education market is going digital, and the pace of that transformation is accelerating. Smart developers have a huge opportunity to ride the wave of demand by creating innovative applications, powered by Wacom digital pen and ink solutions.

The EdTech opportunity

The education technology market is expected to Accelerated by the pandemic, education providers of all kinds are digitizing many aspects of the learning environment for classroom and remote learning – including handwritten inputs.

Handwriting is proven to play a key role in student engagement, comprehension and knowledge retention. And in subjects like math, chemistry, biology and physics, handwritten notes, equations and sketches are absolutely essential. Moreover, writing by hand is still the most effective way for teachers to clarify important ideas, make notes and provide feedback.

Wacom’s pen and ink technologies take handwritten inputs digital, leveraging the intuitive and flexible nature of the pen for today’s digital learning environment. Not only does this make lessons more effective and interactive now, it future-proofs them for the smart applications of the future – perhaps the ones that you’re going to develop!

Diverse learning scenarios

Digital pen and ink technologies are ideal for key learning scenarios in the classroom and online.


Interactive teaching: Teachers can use handwritten inputs to create and augment dynamic, engaging lessons, and so help improve student outcomes.

Classroom collaboration: Teachers and students using pen-enabled devices can communicate and collaborate in new ways in the classroom, enabling a smoother learning process.

Online tutoring: Teachers and students can work on documents or projects together, using handwritten inputs to create a more natural communication flow when working remotely.

Content & assessment: Teachers can create lessons using familiar handwritten notes and sketches before or during lessons, and provide written commentary on students’ work, naturally but digitally.

Different development challenges

Integrating digital pen and ink into your applications creates a lot of exciting opportunities, but there are also challenges. For example, how can you:

  • Enable a natural writing experience and accurate digital rendering of an individual’s handwriting?
  • Ensure digital ink works and appears in a consistent way across devices running different operating systems?
  • Allow digital ink data to be processed after it has been saved?
  • Leverage economies of scale when developing digital ink functionality?
  • Future-proof your application so it can take advantage of developments in, for example, adaptive learning and semantic ink recognition?

The Wacom Ink for Education Bundle helps developers do all of this and more.

Wacom is committed to supporting developers in making the most of the EdTech boom. Discover how the Wacom Ink for Education Bundle can help you create an outstanding ink-enabled app faster and more easily. Learn more about Wacom Ink for Education Bundle

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