Tell a great story - wedding album making tips

Someday, the time will come: you brush a stray strand of hair from your face, slip on your shoes and take a deep breath. Your wedding day has begun. You have been planning, preparing and organizing everything for so long to make sure that today - the most beautiful day of your life - will be very special. But, how quickly those beautiful hours go by. All the dances danced, all the glasses emptied. The first of the flowers begin to hang their heads. It’s a good thing you'll soon be picking up the wedding photos, and your big day will come alive again. A lovingly designed wedding album tells your story and keeps it safe: in good times and in bad - and for your grandchildren! Don’t feel like another basic wedding album from the photo developer shop? With a Wacom pen tablet for photo editing, you can edit photos easily and be sure that your wedding album making efforts create a wedding album as entirely unique as your story itself.

Step one: Get good wedding photos

Wedding album making begins with taking good photos. Beautiful photos are of course the most important ingredient. Ask a variety of people to take photos.

Wedding photos from a professional photographer

Because photos are invaluable in creating a lasting memory, you should invest in a professional photographer and choose a different area of the event to save money. Some photographers offer a “photo reportage” style service for your wedding. They will accompany you, your family and your friends for the whole day, or at least for several hours.

Photo gifts for weddings from friends

Engaging photos are a wonderful gift for the bride and groom. That's why friends often come up with a lot of ideas to take individual photos of all the guests. Photos of wigs and fake beards, or photos in picture frames are just a couple of ideas. In addition to snapshots, the guests can also write their congratulations, messages or special memories of the bride and groom. These can later be matched to the photos. Activities like these can become individualized photo gifts for the bride and groom.

Ask all the guests to take photos

What would a wedding be without fun snapshots? You can scatter disposable cameras around on the tables or set up a photo booth.

It goes without saying that some of your guests will take their own photos. Request that they send you their photos so you can include them in your wedding album making decisions.

Step two: Sort and edit your wedding photos

Once you have collected all the photos from your wedding together in one place, you can start your wedding album making process. Firstly, think about whether you want to create several different albums or just one. You might think about, for different versions of your wedding album, making a romantic collection with only the photographer's photos and another album with snapshots and fun photos.

Since your friends are probably not professional photographers, the photos you get will likely be of varying quality. A Wacom pen tablet ensures that you get the best out of all your wedding photos. Since Wacom's pressure-sensitive pens are compatible with with all leading photo editing software tools, you can edit your photos easily: for example, adjust the color temperature, increase the contrast, cut out unwanted objects or add text and drawings to the photos.

Step three: Create your digital printable wedding album

Now that your photos are sorted and edited, and you have decided on the order of the pictures and how many albums you need, your personal creativity is needed. How does wedding album making lead to your own design? Easily add speech bubbles, comments and messages by hand with the Wacom pen.

Add border designs such as roses to your wedding album. Maybe you habe a photo of the place where you met? Use the Wacom pen to make a sketch of it just like you would with a pencil. With the Wacom pen tablets, you can let your wedding album making creativity run wild.

You can send your design to your friends as a digital album or have it printed as a photo book.

Why stop at your wedding album when creating with Wacom? - More ideas

You'll probably want to thank your wedding guests for the party and the gifts. Use a Wacom pen tablet to create digital or printed thank-you cards – or, why not include creating mini albums for guests in your wedding album making plans? Mini albums with photos of the bride and groom, the guests and personalized messages or poems. What better way to express your gratitude and affection than with a personalized photo gift.

A tip for perfectionists: design the invitation cards, menus and place cards with the Wacom pen tablet. This way, your entire wedding will have that personal touch from beginning to end.

Tips for unforgettable wedding gifts: You have been invited to a wedding and want to give the bridal couple a very special gift. Create a wedding newspaper or ask the other guests to write down some favorite recipes and create a cookbook for the bride and groom. Were you there as their love story unfolded? Perfect - you are the person to tell their amazing story in a photo book.

Wedding album making. Get started with Wacom Intuos.

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