EMR delivers a digital handwriting experience that feels as intuitive and natural as pen on paper.

Recreating the familiar

Writing on paper is easy and familiar for everyone. But recreating the characteristics of writing in a digital environment, including where you put the pen and the pressure you exert on the paper, is a complex business.

How EMR works

Wacom’s patented electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology consists of a layer of sensors that sits behind the device’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen and a layer of hardened glass. The sensors are arranged in an alternating vertical/horizontal grid pattern. Each sensor is precisely calibrated and emits a weak electromagnetic signal. Together, these signals create a magnetic field that extends about 5mm beyond the glass surface of the device.

EMR Technology visuals
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EMR Benefits

The beauty of EMR is that power can pass through LCD displays and protective surfaces without the need for any external power sources. This means there are no batteries to wear out, or power cables to twist and break. This technology, combined with Wacom’s renowned quality and reliability, results in the industry's best accuracy and durability.

Keep on signing

This means Wacom devices can be fitted with a tough glass surface that ensure our signature pads still look like new and operates flawlessly even after hundreds of thousands of signatures.

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