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Wacom enables organizations across multiple industries to digitize document workflows that require in-person interactions. And with Wacom, an authentically human user experience comes as standard.

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Wacom for Business Healthcare esignature Annotation

Digital consent, records and patient care with a human touch.

Wacom for Business Financial services esignature
Financial Services

Legally binding electronic signatures for significant financial commitments across banking and insurance.

Wacom for Business Retail esignature Form Filling
Retail / Service

Reliably authentic electronic signature capture for millions of POS transactions.

Wacom for Business Hospitality Tourism esignature Form Filling
Hospitality / Tourism

Registration and approvals that stay personal for any venue or location, from hotels to car rental locations.

Wacom for Business Public sector Government form filling esignature consumer agreement

Digitizing a wide range of document-heavy governmental processes.

Wacom for Business Education esignature Annotation

Enabling the modern digital learning experience.

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Wacom solutions help organizations digitize their manual, in-person document workflows, while preserving a familiar handwritten input experience.

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Thousands of business, healthcare and educational organizations are benefiting from Wacom solutions. Access industry-specific case studies here.

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