Evolving ink for the 21st century

We believe that digital ink should be universal and open. Its development and evolution are a joint effort of the digital industry, the developer community and stationery manufacturers.

Developing digital ink - together

To achieve universal and open formats, to ensure compatibility and interoperability, it's a must to collaborate across organizations.

Our contribution is the open format for inked content: WILL. Its characteristics and features are conceived and developed by our Ink Division.

Partnerships play an important role in our work. We inspire and support the developer community to develop new uses of digital ink and pens, for example, with our Inkathon competitions. With our Connected Ink events, we invite developers and companies from different industries to get inspired by the digital ink experience, and to meet, exchange and collaborate.

Explore our developer support pages.

Increasing ink users around the world and building markets

Strategic partners are key for us to build and deliver real customer value in pen and ink solutions. We strive to collaborate with all industries to make pen and ink applications more relevant and meaningful.

We're actively contributing to the Digital Stationery Consortium, the association of global industries as well as thought leaders to promote the development of the digital stationery market.

New use cases utilizing pen and ink are evolving in many segments such as education and consumer markets.

Explore the Digital Stationery Consortium.

Productizing ink innovations

We think that software and services are essential for building integrated solutions for our customers and to create new value. Just like a pen always comes with ink. We deliver software and services for our customers as an integrated part of our products and solutions, regardless of whether they are using our technology solutions, business solutions or branded products.

The digital stationery markets are gaining momentum and more and more traditional stationery manufacturers are starting to offer digital products. We are accelerating this trend and inspiring the market by exemplifying solutions: we're productizing innovative ink solutions consisting of hardware and software to build a strong value proposition for every user in the world.

Ink will be smarter and more "alive" than ever before. It will change the way we create, work and communicate - and most likely the way we think.

It will change our lives.

We invite the digital industry and developer community to join us in shaping a universal ink for the future.

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