The Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111) offers a secure and easy way to digitize paper-based forms and documents in real time.

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Software Download

CLB Create

Download the authoring software
for your PHU-111


CLB Paper

Download the client software
to get started


Coming soon


Coming soon

WILL SDK for devices

An SDK library for enterprise customers who are creating custom applications
that require connection to the PHU-111 device.

  • Includes the Common Device Library which provides connectivity to Wacom Smartpad devices
  • Communication via BTLE or USB to PHU-111 device
  • Data collection in WILL and FSS formats
  • Free for enterprise customers

Windows UWP

Required OS: Windows 10
Language Supported: Universal
Windows Platform applications (UWP)

* Supports USB and BTLE connections

Windows Classic

Required OS: Windows 7 SP2+
Language Supported: .NET, C#

* Only supports USB connections


Required OS: Android 4.3
Languages Supported: Java


Required OS: iOS 10
Languages Supported: Objective C and Swift


WILL SDK for documents

Tool for enterprise customers using the Wacom WILL Form Metadata Format to create, modify, and collect embedded data from their forms.

  • Library to read/write the form information stored on XMP data in the PDF file.
  • PDF library for AcroForm creation needs to be obtained separately.
  • Easy access to XMP meta data for the hardware and software for PHU-111
  • Requires the use of the Wacom Ink Document Metadata Format (IDMF)


Required OS: Windows is Windows 7 SP2+
Languages Supported:  C++, C#, and Xamarin supported


Required OS: Android 4.3
Languages Supported: Java


Required OS:  iOS 10
Languages Supported: Objective C and Swift


Important Product Information

IPI gives you all instructions, cautions, and warnings on use and handling to ensure the safe operation of the product.

Download PDF


No, it does not have on-board memory and data is not stored on the Wacom Clipboard device.

CLB Create (Windows) is available from Wacom Marketplace. CLB Paper (Android) is available from Google Play.

Yes. When using the CLB Paper application, an alert will warn users that required fields are not filled in, but saving can still be completed. In custom applications made using the WILL SDK for devices, the alert can be kept or removed.

The Wacom Clipboard uses standard sized D1 ink cartridges. However, store-bought cartridges may not contain sufficient copper for proper conductivity. Therefore, we recommend that Wacom ink cartridges be used with the Wacom Clipboard.

Multiple devices may be connected via USB, but not via Bluetooth.

Yes, in limited cases in dry environments. However, the device is not waterproof, nor weatherproof, and it is important to keep both the device and paper forms dry.

The versions are the same except for the license.
Evaluation license is valid for 3 months. After this evaluation period, users need to subscribe.

We do not currently offer an enterprise version of CLB Paper. If you would like to enquire about this, please send us a message through our Contact page.

Yes, the first 6 digits of the barcode can be defined by users.

The following three types are currently supported:
1. Freehand - non text fields
2. Annotations - text fields that can use handwriting recognition
3. Signature - fields that output FSS format embedded PNG images

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Wacom Clipboard Applications

To get started with the Wacom Clipboard, you can use Wacom’s applications that will allow you to create corresponding paper and digital forms and digitally capture all information written on the electronic clipboard.

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