4:30 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+09:00), November 17

“One Million Animator Challenge”  SDGS Industry-Academia Collaborative Training

Japanese, simultaneous translation available in English
Online stream and on stage in : Tokyo

"Initiative for a Million of Animators (for achieving SDGs of the industry by working with academia)” is launched by the Sasayuri Animation Training Center under the tutorship of Hitomi Tateno, a professional animator. The train of thought for this initiative is explained in three steps; the mission of the Sasayuri Training Center, animator training program at the Center and an attempt to transform animator training in Japan to make it more SDG-conform.

The Sasayuri Animation Training Center was born out of a sense of mission to supply the industry with qualified animators. Sasayuri’s animator training program has proven to be very effective in producing animators with amazing skills. The goal is to bestow the skills of professional animators to a million people in the world by their use of video tutorials and textbooks.

Their training program is characterized by the step-by-step mastery of the Japanese animation drawing protocol, precision line drawing with a tolerance of 0.05 mm and a wide range of animated motions. According to the Center, upcoming animators should master these solid basics upon which to build their carriers.

To make Japan’s commercial animation industry more compatible with SDGs, no efforts should be spared to raise animators working in the upstream part of the industry. Many animation schools across Japan support these efforts. An animator career usually starts with two years for trainees. This period must be cut back to zero by the greater use of the said training program and a skill certification test for animators provided by the Center.