Unleash your students' full creative potential

Inspire your students to expand their creative horizons and prepare them for successful careers in art and design.

Your creative partner

For more than three decades, creative professionals around the world have relied on Wacom's digital tools to push the limits of digital art and design. That's why art and design schools trust Wacom products to prepare the next generation of talent for careers that will change the world.

Prepare your students for
successful careers

While today's students need to be grounded in time-tested curriculum and fundamentals, technology in art education is important to ensure they're prepared for successful careers. Teaching your students on the same graphics tablets and pen displays that industry studios and agencies use lets them explore their creative potential while developing the real-world skills employers expect.

"What’s really pushing the industry forward is technology. So, what schools need to do to prepare their students for careers in the creative fields is to invest in technology."

- Carson Smith, Nickelodeon

Attract and retain students

Students are looking for college and advanced training programs that prepare them for successful careers and provide the return on their educational investments. With Wacom products on campus, in the classroom and computer lab, you'll attract the students who value the impact that creative technology can have on their careers and their lives.

"EMCA is equipped with Wacom products so we can offer students a high quality level of education and correspond to what students will find in professional studios."

-Guillaume Gemot, Development of Vocational Training and IT Manager

Technology that fits right in

Integrating new technology with your existing infrastructure is no small task. Wacom products are designed to make the transition and training easy for your IT staff, instructors and students alike. Compatibility with most software programs and hardware, standardized connectivity, plug-and-play functionality and time tested reliability are built in to all Wacom pen computers, displays and tablets. Plus, the products are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of teaching scenarios.

Train your students on the tools that the creatives use in every field.

  • 2D/3D Animation, Video Editing, Motion Graphics
  • Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design
  • Photography, Game Design, Fashion Design
  • Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering

Technology for your creative campus

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Creative freedom
with pen-on-screen precision.


Wacom Cintiq Pen Displays

Clarity and color sensitivity
to really dig into the details.


Wacom Intuos Pro

A place to start, especially for drawing,
sketching and photography.


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