Introduction - Event Specific Notes- Connected Ink 2023

(All the capitalized terms are as defined in the Event Terms below)

1.    Date and Event Venues:

Main Connected Ink 2023 event will be held in a period between September and November 2023:

(1) online; and
(2) at the following Event Venues (Tokyo, Dusseldorf, Sofia, Beijing, Seoul, Portland and Sydney (and Delhi to be determined) ).

Several sub-events for Connected Ink 2023 will be held before and after the main Connected Ink 2023 on dates in 2023 and 2024 (to be determined). The dates will be separately notified when the dates are fixed.

Main Connected Ink 2023 and its sub-events are (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Event”. 

The Event is offered free of charge.

2.    Terms for Venue Attendees (Onsite Event Attendees)

The Venue Attendees are required to register at Wacom’s website; The following Event Terms apply to the Venue Attendees.

3.    Terms for Online Event Viewers.

Those who watch Online Event as viewers are not required to register at Wacom’s website.  Online Event will be available by clicking the links to each of the online sessions on the event website or Wacom’s X, Facebook, Instagram and other Wacom’s SNS accounts for Connected Ink 2023. Only the following sections of the Event Terms apply to these Event Viewers:

  1. Section 3 (Costs)
  2. Section 5 (Your Obligations to Participate in the Event) except sub-sections a and b of Section 5.1.
  3. Section 7 (Your Contents)
  4. Section 8 (Wacom Contents)
  5. Section 9 (Application of Wacom Terms of Use)

Online sessions are held, streamed, recorded and posted and distributed on YouTube (in all the regions except China) or WeChat and Bilibili (in China). Viewers may be able to post their questions and comments on chat or comment functions of YouTube, WeChat or BiliBili during or after the live sessions. Wacom will not use or store any personal information indicated in the chat or comment functions. Viewers should be aware that it is viewer’s responsibility to choose to include their personal information in their account names which will be shown on chat or comment functions.


Event  Terms

These Terms (“Event Terms”) are terms that apply between you and Wacom Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Wacom”) with respect to any and all events hosted by Wacom online and/or offline (collectively or individually as the context requires, “Event”)Wacom may further provide event specific notes only applicable to a particular Event (“Event Specific Notes”), which constitute a part of the Event Terms in relation to the applicable Event.  Your participation in the Event presupposes that you agree to the Event Terms and have taken note of the rules for handling personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection laws and regulations and Wacom’s privacy policy at (“Privacy Policy”), cookie notice at and Wacom’s privacy notice for the Event available at (“Event Privacy Notice”).

Wacom may, at its own discretion and at any time, change, postpone or cancel the whole or part of the Event, and/or its location, agenda and contents.  Wacom will notify the registered participants by e-mail of any change, postponement or cancellation of Onsite Events. 

Wacom may modify the Event Terms at any time.  If Wacom makes a material change to the Event Terms, Wacom will notify you in accordance with “Modification of Terms” provision of Wacom’s Terms of Use incorporated by reference under Section 9 (Application of Wacom Terms of Use) below.

The Event is held either (1) online, (2) at venue(s) (as indicated in the Event Specific Notes if applicable, “Event Venue(s)”) or (3) both. In the case where the Event is held at the Event Venue(s), Wacom will notify those who are eligible to participate in the Event at the relevant Event Venue ("Venue Attendees") by email and/or on Wacom website.

1. Registration

The Event Terms are effective upon your access to Wacom’s registration page. Any age restriction for participation in a particular Event may be indicated in the Event Specific Notes for that Event.

1.1 To access and participate in the Event, you may be required to register by filling in a registration form prescribed by Wacom on Wacom’s web page for the Event. You may only register once for each Event.

1.2 Wacom is entitled to refuse registration without giving any reason. You are not entitled to register or participate in the Event with incorrect, incomplete or outdated information and must provide the correct and complete data required for registration ("Registration Information”) and for event participation and keep it up to date. The Privacy Policy and the Event Privacy Notice apply to personal data provided by you. You will not include in your profile any photos, trademarks, trade names, logos or other details that are inappropriate or offensive or that infringe the personal rights or intellectual property rights of Wacom or third parties.

1.3 Wacom is entitled, but not contractually obliged towards you, to check the personal data provided by you and/or the content posted or transmitted by you for correctness, completeness and legality.

2. Deregistration, Etc.

You can deregister from the Event at any time. If you would like to withdraw from the Event and to deregister, please contact at or any other contact (if any) indicated in the Event Specific Notes.

Those who have opted-in for marketing e-mail communications will receive Wacom creative newsletters including creative news, product updates, promotions, and news from Wacom even after the deregistration. You can opt-out of marketing e-mail communication by clicking on the opt-out link at the footer of any e-mail, any time you wish.

After confirmation of the deregistration from the Event by Wacom, you no longer have access to the Event and your data provided at the registration will be forthwith deleted.  Wacom is entitled but not obliged to delete the User Content (but will try to delete to the extent possible) provided by you for the Event. The usage and exploitation rights for Wacom described in these Event Terms below continue to exist. All rights granted to you automatically cease to apply upon deregistration.

Wacom reserves the right in their sole reasonable discretion to: (i) deregister you and (ii) delete any of your account, for any or no reason, without notice, and without liability or payment obligation to you or anyone else.

3. Costs

Registration and participation in the Event are free of charge for you, unless otherwise provided in the Event Specific Notes of the relevant Event. You must prepare connection to the internet, the establishment of communication links, the necessary hardware and software and the posted content at your own expense.

4. Event Communications

When you have registered, you receive the following communications:

  1. Registration confirmation e-mail
  2. Event reminder e-mail
  3. Communication for any schedule or changes of the Event 
  4. Follow up email(s) after the Event, which may include thank-you emails, inquiry for any feedback on the Event, provision of the links to Event recordings and inquiry for your preference regarding receipt of Wacom marketing emails
  5. For those who have consented, marketing and promotional emails from Wacom and/or partners of the Event.

5 Your Obligations to Participate in The Event

5.1 In connection with your participation in the Event (whether (1) online, (2) at the Event Venue(s) or (3) both), you agree to the following. If you do not agree, you will not be allowed to participate in the Event.

a. Ensure the Registration Information is personal to you and do not assign, rent, sell, resell, sublicense, distribute, or otherwise transfer the eligibility for participation (including that for the Event at the Event Venue(s)) to a third party;

b. Do not use other participant's Registration Information and do not allow a third party to use your Registration Information (including the password) or do not make your Registration Information (including the password) accessible to third parties;

c. Represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction, or have obtained your parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate in the Event and use the online services of Wacom relating to the Event.  If you are under the age of 18 or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction and do not have your parent or legal guardian’s permission, Wacom may refuse to allow you to participate in the Event or use the online services of Wacom relating to the Event;

d. Prepare and maintain the device and network environment necessary to participate in the Event at your own expense and responsibility.

e. Take self-responsibility for any trouble with other participants and acknowledge that Wacom should not take any responsibility;

f. Do not record or disclose the contents of the Event by audio recording, visual recording, screen shot, etc. or post them on website, SNS, etc.);

g. Follow the precautions that Wacom notifies by e-mail, etc. regarding the Event; and

h. Do not take any other acts that Wacom considers inappropriate in light of the purpose of hosting the Event.

5.2 Wacom plans to hold the Event on such platforms as Zoom meeting, webinar and on YouTube, or on any other platforms as may be notified in the Event Specific Notes ("Event Platforms”) and stream the contents of the Event and audio record, shoot and visual record them on such Event Platforms , post and distribute them on Wacom’ s website, Event Platforms and SNS, and use and publicize them in various media for advertisement and promotion activities.  You will participate with full knowledge that you may appear in the streaming, post, distribution, etc. and you will not claim any compensation or objection against it.

5.3 Wacom reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, reject, limit or block access to all or any part of the Event at any time, with or without notice to you and without liability to you in the case you do not comply with your obligations under the Event Terms.

6 Your Obligations to Participate in The Event (For Venue Attendees)

6.1 If you are the Venue Attendees, in connection with the Event at the Event Venue you additionally agree to the following. If you do not agree, you will not be allowed to participate in the Event at the Event Venue.

a. Do not engage in any act that disturbs other employees of Wacom and participating companies of the Event and other Venue Attendees or that obstructs the Event;

b. Follow the instructions of the staff of the Event at the Event Venue;

c. Do not sell or buy or solicit to sell or buy goods, give or receive money or goods, lend or borrow money or goods, or engage in other business activities at the Event Venue;

d. Take self-responsibility for theft, damage or contamination of personal items and accidents at the Event Venue;

e. Do not smoke (including electronic cigarettes) at the Event Venue;

f. Do not bring hazardous materials into the Event Venue;

g. Do not enter any place other than those permitted in the Event Venue;

h. Bear any and full transportation fee to the Event Venue, and acknowledge that Wacom will not compensate at all even if the Event is cancelled, postponed or changed; and

6.2 At the Event Venue, Wacom or those designated by Wacom plan to audio record, shoot and visual record the Event, stream it on the Event Platforms as one of the contents of the Event , post and distribute it on Wacom’s website, Event Platforms and SNS and use and publish it on various media for advertisement and promotion activities. Venue Attendees will participate with full knowledge that you may appear in these activities and will not claim any compensation or objections against it.

6.3 The privacy policy governing the Event Venue also apply to you when the Event Venue has different privacy policy from those of your residence.

6.4 Wacom reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict or refuse the entrance to the Event Venue or let you leave the Event Venue at any time, with or without notice to you, in the case you do not comply with your obligations under the Event Terms.

7. Your Contents

7.1. You retain the ownership of any ideas, comments, information, pictures, movies, texts, letters, portfolios and artworks etc. posted, transmitted or made available by you during participation in the Event (“User Contents”) . You hereby grant to Wacom the following non-exclusive license for 3 years from the starting date of the Event: 

(i)            to use the User Contents worldwide a) for the Event, b) for Wacom’s advertisements and external communications for the Event, c) for improvement of Wacom products and online services of Wacom and d) for Wacom’s public relations and investor relations materials and other publications for public recognition of Wacom’s events; and

(ii)           to sub-license the right provided in (i) above to Wacom’s service providers for the purpose of described in (i) above.

The way of usage include reproducing, editing (e.g. shortening, compressing, transferring it to other formats, combining it with other content), altering and/or modifying, publishing and posting on its website, YouTube and other Event Platforms, social networking services, mails and publications. Wacom may indicate the names as submitted by you to show the attribution to your User Contents in a way Wacom considers appropriate.

7.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no intellectual rights or personality rights of third parties included in the User Contents or otherwise it is your responsibility to ensure that you have received a proper consent of the person who can assert such rights in the User Contents. It is also your responsibility to obtain any proper consent regarding personal information from the data subject appearing in the User Contents.

Wacom accepts no responsibility for accuracy, truthfulness, effectiveness, completeness, topicality or suitability of any User Contents for the Event. In no event is Wacom liable for any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or costs incurred by you arising out of or relating to usage of the User Contents provided or posted by other participants in the Event.   Wacom may, however, at its own discretion and at any time, remove the posting of the User Contents which Wacom considers improper or inappropriate.

8. Wacom Contents

Any ideas, comments, information (including pre-release product and/or software information), pictures, movies, texts, etc. posted by Wacom to the Event or otherwise you obtained from Wacom during the Event are “Wacom Contents”. Under the Event Terms Wacom grants you the non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to use such Wacom Contents for the Event only for a limited purpose of intended use for the relevant Event. All Wacom Contents that you receive via the Event may not be sold, rented out or otherwise made available to third parties by you. You are not allowed to reproduce, edit, distribute or exploit otherwise without Wacom’s written consent.

9. Application of Wacom Terms of Use

The following provisions of the Terms of Use for Wacom Services ( in Table 1 below shall be incorporated by reference into these Event Terms and constitutes a binding agreement between you and corresponding Wacom entity (see Table 2 below) and govern your registration and use of the online services offered by Wacom relating to the Event.  The Section numbers of the provisions may vary by applicable regions.


Table 1





Asia (Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India)

Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Others)

North, Central and South America

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oceania (Australia, NZ and others)

Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability

Section 5

Section 5

Section 5

Section 5

Section 5

Modification of Terms

Section 10

Section 10

Section 10

Section 9

Section 10

Governing law

Section 11.2

Section 11.5

Section 12.2

Section 10.2

Section 11.2

Jurisdiction (Arbitration)

Section 11.3

Section 11.6

Section 12.3

Section 10.3

Section 11.3

Table 2






South Korea

Hong Kong



Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Others


Wacom Co., Ltd.

Wacom China Corporation

Wacom Korea Co., Ltd.

Wacom Hong Kong Ltd.

Wacom Taiwan Information Co., Ltd.

Wacom India Pvt. Ltd.

Wacom Singapore Pte. Ltd.



North, Central and South America

Europe, Middle East and Africa



North America (US, Canada, Mexico and others)
Central and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and others)

Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Turkey and others

Australia, NZ and others


Wacom Technology Corporation

Wacom Europe GmbH

Wacom Australia Pty.Ltd.