Get Started with your Bamboo Fineline.

Here's where to learn how to set up your stylus and pair it with some great apps. Below we have a quick and easy step-by-step description for you and some videos to show how the app pairing works.

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Get started in just 4 quick and easy steps!

Step 1: Prepare your stylus

Start by connecting it to your computer or USB charger, using the cable provided.

Your stylus is ready when the LED turns off.

Step 2: Prepare your iPad®

Open your iPad settings.

Activate Bluetooth® wireless.

In "General" settings, switch off "Gestures".

Step 3: Install or open a supporting app

To use your stylus, you need to download a Wacom stylus compatible app that must be paired with your stylus.

  • Palm-Rejection
  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Shortcut-Functionality
  • Available on iPad
  • Available on iPhone

  • sketchbook pro app
    Autodesk® SketchBook®
  • draw 100
    Adobe Draw*
  • sketch 100
    Adobe Sketch*
  • 512_100
  • bamboo paper app
    Bamboo Paper
  • Concepts
  • IbisPaint
  • medibang app i
  • Procreate3 100
  • Sketch Club
  • Tayasui
    Tayasui Sketch
  • Zen Brush app
    Zen Brush 2
  • zoom notes app
    Zoom Notes

*Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch and Procreate are not compatible on iPad Pros with Bamboo Fineline.

Step 4: Pair the app with your stylus

Scroll down for "how to" videos.

Open the app and find its Settings menu.

Open the Settings menu to enable the stylus support.

You may need to open a notebook to pair your stylus.

Press the stylus button. The LED starts blinking blue.

Pairing is completed when the LED stays on.

Repeat all of step 4 when pairing with an app for the first time.
Each time you re-enter an app, pair by pressing your stylus button.


Thin Stylus Nib

3-pack of standard, replacement nibs that can be used with Bamboo Fineline, Bamboo Fineline 2 or Bamboo Stylus fineline.

bamboo paper icon

Bamboo Paper – Turn your mobile device into a paper notebook

Bamboo Paper turns your device into a paper notebook. Capture your thoughts and ideas, notes, sketches and drawings as straightforward and easy as with a real pen and paper.

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inkspace logo

Store, shape and share your ideas

Inkspace, seamlessly integrated in Bamboo Paper, is the cloud-based service to save, access, synchronize and share your notes and ideas – anytime, anywhere.

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