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Intuos Creative Stylus 2

Get started with your Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

Your new iPad stylus gives you natural creativity and smoothness whenever you need it, wherever you are. All your favorite pens and brushes in one ergonomically designed tool. Inspiration is out there. It's time to go find it. Here’s where to learn how to set up your stylus and pair it with some great apps.

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To get started with a 1st-generation Intuos Creative Stylus click here.

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Meet your stylus.

First, charge up your stylus.

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS plug

Plug in your stylus (USB)

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS chargetime

Charge for 2 hours

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS Battery

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 26 hours

Next, install an app.

  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Palm-Rejection
  • Shortcut-Functionality

  • capture 100
    Adobe® Capture
  • draw 100
    Adobe® Illustrator Draw
  • sketch 100
    Adobe® Sketch
  • 512_100
  • astropad110x100
  • sketchbook pro app
    Autodesk® SketchBook®
  • bamboo paper app
    Bamboo™ Paper
  • Concepts Icon 100 (2)
  • GoodNotes
  • app ibispaint x
    ibisPaint X
  • medibang app i
  • MyScript Smart Note
  • Notes Plus app
    Notes Plus
  • Noteshelf
  • PDFpen
  • Pixelmator
  • Procreate3 100
  • Tayasui
    Tayasui Sketches
  • Zen Brush app
    Zen Brush
  • zoom notes app

Now, pair the app with your stylus.

1. Open your iPad settings.

2. Activate Bluetooth.

3. In "General" settings, switch off "Multitasking Gestures" for optimal palm rejection and stable connections.

4. Open a compatible app.

5. Open the app's settings to enable the stylus support.

6. Press the side switch on your stylus. The blue light starts blinking. Pairing is completed when the LED lights up for two seconds.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 when pairing with another app.
intuos creative stylus 2 bamboo paper f

Bamboo Paper

Pairing your Intuos Creative Stylus with the Bamboo Paper app will unlock the bonus Creative pack.

wacom dropzone f

dropzone icon cg


Easily copy & paste images between apps & devices.
Dropzone enables you to have your images everywhere, on your tablet or desktop computer. On Mac OS, Windows and iOS.

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