2:30 PM - 3:00 PM (UTC+09:00), November 17

Demonstration project for the electronic voting system using pen displays

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Japanese, simultaneous translation available in English
Online stream and on stage in : Tokyo
Elections should run without a hitch from voting all the way up to ballot counting - that’s what people generally expect. In reality, not infrequently voting errors occur everywhere in Japan due to the growing complexity of the nation’s election system. In particular, ballot paper errors may be critical as they may affect the electoral outcome. Under these circumstances, technical requirements for developing an electronic voting system were revised in 2020. Up to then, dedicated terminals were required for introducing an electronic voting system. After the said change in regulations, however, the use of general-purpose devices such as commercially available tablets is now allowed this purpose. As a demonstration project, members for the student council at a junior high school were electronically elected using pen displays as a general-purpose device. The speaker explains then possible benefits and challenges of electronic voting from the perspective of an election supervisor who runs the real system of electing politicians.