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Simple signature integration

The sign pro PDF software suite minimizes the development effort involved in transitioning from paper-based forms and signatures to reliable digital equivalents.

sign pro PDF App

The sign pro PDF App enables organizations to easily add electronic signatures to PDFs, rather than using traditional pen and paper. The app allows any document to be signed electronically using a Wacom pen-enabled device and then processed or archived digitally, without the need for any document printing or scanning. The app is also an ideal solution for adding digital form input, free-hand annotations, and post-its onto PDFs.

Typical Use Cases

Typical use cases include signature capture during over-the-counter services within banks, repair shops, post offices and other consumer/retail environments.

Signatures can be captured offline with no need for logins into online systems, and all documents are automatically locked and protected via sophisticated encryption.

For high-security use cases, the sign pro PDF App can be utilized together with Wacom digital pens and styli to capture and store biometrically accurate signatures that are legally binding.*

For Apple iOS

Users with iPads running iOS 8.0 or later can enjoy sign pro’s full handwritten electronic signature functionality. When using a Wacom active stylus such as a Bamboo Stylus fineline, users also have reliable access to the biometric signature function mentioned above.



For Google Android

Users of Android 4.4.2 or later have access to the app’s full handwritten electronic signature functionality. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note series or tablets that make use of Wacom’s patented EMR technology can also utilize the biometric signature function mentioned above.



For Microsoft Windows

The Windows version of the app can be used with PCs running Windows 7 or later, and a wide range of Wacom devices including: Wacom signature pad (STU series); pen displays; pen tablets, (Bamboo latest generation); other supported Wacom devices including the tablet PC with built-in Wacom digitizer.

sign pro PDF API

The sign pro PDF API for iOS, Android and Windows enables organizations to integrate their existing systems or applications with the sign pro PDF app to realize a mobile electronic signature solution. The API provides access to the same functionality as the sign pro PDF App, handwritten electronic signatures, freehand form-input and document annotation, as well as biometrically verifiable signatures when used with Wacom digital pens and styli.

This API’s licensing model and features ensure it is scalable enough to cater to rapidly growing organizations and those whose potential user numbers vary widely.

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* The legal status of electronic signatures varies between countries.

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