"By finding yourself you will find your own style. It will be unique, just like your fingerprint."

Photographer, Digital Artist

Ideas for his hyperrealistic artwork come naturally to Adrian Sommeling

"On the search for creativity, you might need to break some personal walls." That's what Adrian Sommeling, based in the Netherlands, believes. The artist returned to photography four years ago - and is a master of digital art, graphic design and web development, who knows the advertising industry inside out. Adrian deeply believes teamwork to be one of the best means to improve and get any company’s achievements. In his early days, his focus lay on graphic and web design. Now photography, or rather digital art, have become his main aim. What used to be canvas, oils and brushes gave way to pc or laptop screens and the digital brushes in Photoshop. 

In his spare time, Adrian creates photos out of surreal situations, his son frequently being the main character of the scene. Through his son, Adrian finds himself able to disclose his own past and future stories.

Adrian Sommeling insists: realistic reflections are pivotal to his hyperrealistic "American advertising" style composite images.

How do you let light reflect naturally in a composite image? If you don't care, your artwork might still look ok. If you do care, however, you should read Adrian Sommeling's exclusive tutorials. The photographer and digital artist will show you step by step how to make your artwork look awe-inspiringly realistic and which tools to pick with your Wacom tablet and in Photoshop. To make things more graphic, Adrian has taken two of his hyperrealistic composite images to lead you through the process until you have created a true "American advertising" style piece of art.

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