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Enabling new ways to teach and learn

As leaders in intuitive, easy-to-use digital pen technology, we’re helping schools and universities keep up with the pace of change. Our products boost collaboration and interaction, creating a classroom feel - even when you’re not in one. Designed to work seamlessly with your IT infrastructure, they’re proven performers in any learning scenario.

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Questions? Our experienced sales staff can provide you with insight and best practices on implementation for your classroom or district, as well as information on demos and volume discounts.

Supported learning scenarios

The definition of a classroom has changed. Our products help both teachers and students adapt to new learning environments.


Boost interactions. Encourage dialog. Face your students the whole time without turning to a whiteboard.

Remote learning

Recreate the interactivity of a traditional classroom in a digital space. Collaborate in real time with personalized interactions.

Hybrid / blended learning

Move seamlessly between physical and digital classrooms and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Lesson preparation

Build interactivity into your lessons. Create learning materials with impact by combining the freedom of working by hand with the convenience of digital formats.

Pen devices for every need

A range of pens, tablets and displays to suit every budget and teaching style.

Pen Displays

Whether in the classroom or online, teachers can use pen displays to present lessons, illustrate learnings, take notes, and answer questions. When it comes to students, the pen makes the switch to digital working easy and intuitive.

Pen Tablets

Pen tablets are a proven and affordable teaching aid and are great to use as digital whiteboards. The digital pen allows teachers to enhance lectures and maintain eye contact with students while working remotely. Plus, students can use them to submit work digitally, so there’s no more shuffling and organizing countless pieces of paper.

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Smartpads pair with any paper you have to hand, and can project onto a PC or mobile device in real-time. Whether in the classroom or teaching remotely, they make it easy for teachers to present materials and for students to take notes – and keep it all digital.

Made for teaching

Whether it’s digital pens, displays or tablets, our products offer a host of benefits to schools and universities.

More engagement

The more students are involved, the deeper the learning - both in classroom and online. Our products enable greater class participation and collaboration.

More flexibility

Technology should adapt to your teaching style and learning set up. Not the other way around. Designed to work with your preferred devices, operating systems and software, our products are plug and play. Or, should we say, plug and teach.

More cost-effective

Our products are not only cost-effective, they’re also easy to maintain. Our pens and displays are proven to perform in high-usage environments and are built to last.


See what other educators are saying about Wacom.

Streamline Multi-campus Collaboration

“One of the things we like about Wacom is their lack of proprietary software. This allows us to promote the use of tools that users are already familiar with. Plus, we like the reliability of the displays. We’ve had no failures in any of our classrooms.”

Gideon Schnog, Director of Client Technology Services, Saint Leo University

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Bring lectures to life: Modernize learning with Wacom

“As well as making the lives of lecturers easier, Wacom interactive pen displays are also improving the learning experience for students. Wacom technology is and will continue to power the modernization of the learning experience at TUD in a very significant way.”

Martin Aust, Media Services Department within the IT & Media Centre, Technical University of Dortmund

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"Technology has played a huge role in keeping everyone connected, safe and still engaged in their learning. Students enjoy their tablets across STEAM activities, creating a more interactive classroom."

Celina Bertocini, 9th Grade STEAM Teacher, Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy

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Questions? Our experienced sales staff can provide you with insight and best practices on implementation for your classroom or district, as well as information on demos and volume discounts.

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