A smart stylus for annotating, drawing and sketching, for Windows Ink.

A digital pen with a range of sophisticated and intuitive features, Bamboo Ink Plus is designed to help take your creativity further on screen. Whatever you’re annotating, drawing or sketching – it’s easy to capture your ideas in Windows Ink as naturally as you would do on paper.

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Let your ideas flow

Note taking

Marking up documents is easy with the comfortable, authentic handwriting experience and pencil-like feel. Simply press Bamboo Ink Plus’ Bluetooth button to launch the Windows Ink Workspace and take your ideas further.

Sketching and drawing

The fine and sensitive tip is ideal for sketching and drawing. Specifically designed to feel natural, you can hone your artistic skills. Every stroke looks authentic and appears effortlessly, thanks to its natural tilt support* and light touch responsiveness.

*Depending on third-party device

Visual thinking

Capture your thoughts with Bamboo Ink Plus. With Windows Ink Workspace you can accurately express your ideas, then develop them further with the pre-installed Sketchpad, Screen Sketch or other pen-optimized apps.

Discover Bamboo Ink Plus

Bamboo Ink Plus lets you take notes or express yourself in a realistic way. Every stroke looks authentic, thanks to its natural tilt support* which detects the angle of the pen in relation to the drawing surface.

*Depending on third-party device

Every line, dot or swirl – even the lightest of strokes will effortlessly and accurately appear on screen, thanks to the light touch responsiveness feature. Bamboo Ink Plus also features a sensitive fine tip, with up to 4,096 pressure levels that turn every stroke into a precise digital reflection of your ideas.

Simply press Bamboo Ink Plus’ Bluetooth button to launch the Windows Ink Workspace. Then take your ideas further with the pre-installed Sketchpad, Screen Sketch or other pen-optimized apps.

Feels just right

Scribble or sketch with a comfortable and balanced in-hand feel, thanks to Bamboo Ink Plus’ ergonomic triangular profile and soft-touch surface. Its cone shape also has a familiar pencil-like feel that gives Bamboo Ink Plus a smooth line from body to tip.

Customize your pen

With different nibs* in the nib kit, it’s easy to change your pen to best suit whatever you’re annotating, drawing or sketching. On certain devices the blue nib from the nib kit can enhance your pen experience. Please check for device compatibility.

See the list of tested devices

*Use of nibs is dependent on third-party device

Charge and go

No need to replace batteries, simply recharge your Bamboo Ink Plus with a USB-C connector and keep your ideas flowing.

One pen for many devices

Bamboo Ink Plus works with a broad range of pen-enabled devices, and syncs with both the Wacom Active ES protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP). Simply press and hold both side-switches for two seconds till the LED blinks to change the protocol.

At a glance

  • Annotate, sketch, draw
  • Instant access to Windows Ink Workspace
  • Natural tilt support*
  • Light touch responsiveness
  • Triangular shape and pencil-like feel
  • Charges with USB-C connector

*Depending on third-party device

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Stylus Size

Length 6.2 in
Diameter 0.4 in


Selectable two side switches and one bluetooth button.


Nib kit with soft, firm and blue nib.



Power Source

Rechargeable Li-polymer battery


For Windows 10 devices.

General Information

Product type

Smart Stylus

Model number



For Windows devices - check www.wacom.com/comp for a list of tested devices


0.6 oz (including battery)

What's included

  • Bamboo Ink Plus 
  • Nib kit (with soft, firm and blue nib)
  • Quick start guide 
  • Charging cable


1 year in USA, Canada, Central America, South America, and Asia Pacific.

2 years in Europe, Africa, and Middle East

Additional accessories

Stylus nibs 4pcs (ACK24006Z)

With soft, medium, firm and blue nib (without case)

Pen Technology


Wacom Active ES / Microsoft Pen Protocol


Selectable two side switches and one bluetooth button.


Up to 4096 (depends on devices)





Battery type

Rechargeable Li-polymer battery

Battery life

Expected to last about 10 days (using 2 hours/day, 5 days/week)

Battery charging time

Up to 3 hours

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