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Can technology be as clever as a piece of paper?

We all know what it’s like to write on paper. It’s easy, it’s natural, and you’ve known how to do it since childhood. But while a simple piece of paper can automatically detect things like where you placed your pen and how hard you pressed down, recreating this digitally far more complex. By combining fine sensors, sophisticated software algorithms and ultra-fast data transmissions, Wacom feel IT technologies does just that, to deliver a digital writing experience that feels as intuitive and natural as writing on plain old paper. So natural in fact, you might forget it’s there...and that’s just fine by us.
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1. A Familiar Feel

The ergonomic design of a Bamboo Stylus feel is weighted just like a premium pen, for a perfectly balanced writing experience that no thin plastic stylus could ever provide.

2. Accurate Pressure Detection

In order to mimic the smoothness of writing on paper as closely as possible, the Bamboo Stylus feel pens were designed to detect several hundred levels of pressure.

3. Pen and Device Communicate

When you use a Bamboo Stylus feel with a feel enabled device, both communicate constantly through a process called electromagnetic resonance, to exchange data on your exact pen movements and pressure.

4. Extremely Precise

Inside compatible devices there is a sensor layer that uses Wacom feel IT Technology to actively capture and exchange data with the stylus to precisely recreate your natural handwriting on screen.

5. Innovative Materials

To further improve the authentic and natural feel of writing, we developed a complex material mix for the stylus tip that reduces its slippage on glass surfaces.

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