Spur student participation
and collaboration

Meet your students' needs with interactive classroom technology that makes it easy to explain concepts visually, encourage collaboration, and support flipped and distance learning programs.

Amp up your classroom presentations

Transform your static lesson plans into dynamic, interactive classroom presentations that ramp up participation. With Wacom interactive pen displays, you can write directly on your screen and project it for all your students to engage with. No need to turn your back to class to write on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

Mark up and annotate your digital content to capture student comments, elaborate on key concepts with drawings, sketches and diagrams, or add new information on the fly. Save your changes and distribute the files later.

Learn how Wacom interactive pen displays can help you keep students engaged.

Flip the classroom

When the lessons and lectures your students watch outside the classroom are engaging, chances are they'll come to class more informed and eager to participate. With Wacom products, explain concepts as if your students were sitting right there with you. Use the interactive pen display to work through math equations or English grammar step-by-step. Let your students take it all in a their pace, so you have more time to support them in the classroom.

"The single most powerful transformation in education I've ever experienced in my 30 years." 

- Randy Brown, teacher, Fryelands Elementary School

Move learning beyond the classroom

Bridge the distance between remote learners and the classroom by creating rich, interactive content that invites students to participate just as they would in person.

Start with a blank slate or mark up digital content you've already created. Immediately fold feedback into your lessons to connect with and engage students. Since Wacom's products work with all the leading software applications, you won't have to worry about your own learning curve.

Technology to create a creative campus

Pen Display Solutions

Pen and touch tablets with free downloadable creative software and training resources.


Intuos Tablets

Professional line of creative pen tablets that deliver the pressure-sensitivity, pen performance and productivity features sought out by serious creatives.


Wacom Stylus

Wacom has a complete line of stylus for your touch-supported devices, allowing you to digitally draw, sketch, take notes, capture ideas and more.


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