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DTK-2451/DTH-2452 provides a comfortable work surface for writing and signing eDocuments or annotating directly on presentations. Multi-touch functionality is available for DTH-2452 only.

Latest Compatible Driver

Windows  Mac

Windows - Driver 6.3.27-2


Mac OSX - Driver 6.3.27-2


Online manual

Please refer to the online manual to make the best use of your pen display.

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Important Product Information

IPI gives you all instructions, cautions, and warnings on use and handling to ensure the safe operation of the product.

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No, it is available only in landscape mode.

The DTK-2451 and DTH-2452 use the 100 x 200 mm VESA configuration with 6 mounting holes.

Yes. The units include a DVI-I to VGA cable for use with PCs that have VGA video connections.

The DTK-1651 pen is compatible with the DTK-2451 and DTH-2452 pen.

Please contact your Wacom sales professional, or send a message using the Contact form at the following link:

Older Linux distributions might only support 2 finger touch; but modern distributions, running kernels 2.6.38 and newer, support multi-touch.

Yes, they do support ExpressKey in Linux.


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