There are four common scenarios where Wacom's digital pen and ink technologies can drive real-world benefits for teachers and students.

  • Interactive teaching
  • Classroom collaboration
  • Online tutoring
  • Content & assessment

Interactive teaching

Digital transformation in the classroom starts at the front - with interactive pen displays for teachers. Connected to a PC or laptop, these pen-enabled devices allow teachers to create dynamic and engaging lessons, increase engagement and improve student's learning outcomes. Ideal for use in both K-12 and higher education institutions.

Digital transformation with pen displays

For Teachers & Students:

  • Enables teachers to face the class while presenting, giving students a clear view of content as well as maintaining eye contact during lessons.
  • Connects easily to other classroom devices including wall mounted displays, laptops, projectors, document cameras and more.
  • Ideal for hybrid teaching scenarios where some students and in class and some are remote. Intuitive interface provides a smooth transition for digital teaching.
  • Works with standard software and learning management systems, so teachers can switch seamlessly between systems/tools.

For IT & Administrators:

  • Pen displays can be used to upgrade existing equipment, enabling a straightforward and cost-effective transition to digital teaching workflows.
  • Excellent build quality makes Wacom devices hugely cost effective.
  • Improves accessibility for teachers and students with limited mobility.
  • Wacom pen displays can stand on, be attached to or be integrated into desks or lecterns. Simply plug in an start presenting, writing and teaching.
  • Software neutral solutions with minimal training needed for teacher on-boarding.

For more information on how Wacom can support interactive teaching, download our Interactive Teaching brochure

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Classroom collaboration

Expanding digital pen and ink technology from teachers to students opens up new possibilities for communication and collaboration in and out of the classroom. Using pen-enabled devices, teachers and students can explain complex concepts, take notes, provide feedback and show their work quickly and easily.

Enhanced learning experiences

For Teachers & Students:

  • Wacom devices can be used either by teachers or students to create rich digital content.
  • Students can easily make contributions to the classroom discussion by sharing their own digitally inked ideas. They can also ink outside of the classroom to complete homework assignments and submit them online.
  • Teachers can interact individually with each student, as thinking processes are visible with digital pens. They can quickly and easily identify where a student made a mistake and provide personalized feedback.

For IT & Administrators:

  • With digitally created content, class can be held with all students present, at home or a mixture of both. Digitally created content can also be saved and shared, creating new assets for use in and out of class.
  • Drives measurable improvements in student engagement, visual communication and supports project based learning.
  • Because pen tablets and displays are software-neutral, teachers can continue to use programs with digital pen compatibility that are already familiar to them.
  • With a range of USB-powered devices and Chromebook compatibility, Wacom devices are simple to manage and maintain, year after year.

For more information on how Wacom can support classroom collaboration, download our Classroom Collaboration brochure

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Content & assessment

A big part of teaching actually happens outside the classroom. It's in lesson preparation, content development, grading and assessment where teachers are also seeing the real benefit of Wacom pen displays and tablets. And for 'flipped learning' it's a game changer, as the need to regularly create engage bespoke content - both for lessons and home study - is critical.

Simplify lesson development, grading and flipped learning

  • Create rich learning content for the classroom in a flexible and time-efficient way. Wacom devices can be used together with any content or presentation software including PowerPoint, OneNote and Camtasia, as well as any Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Using digital ink to create handwritten content empowers teachers when making pre-recorded lessons or presentations.
  • Students can see the work as it is being created in class and watch it back after - the opportunity to pause and rewind to review makes for impactful learning.
  • Assessing and grading students' work becomes more efficient when paper workflows are replaced with digital ones. The crucial time between grading assignments and sharing with students is reduced, making for more streamlined and therefore effective teaching.

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For more information on how teachers are using Wacom devices outside of the classroom, check out our Teachers for Teachers Resource Center.

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Online tutoring

Teachers and private tutors can use their pen display or tablet to deliver extra tutoring to students after school hours, helping to bridge learning gaps and accelerate progress.

Bridging learning gaps

  • Students at home requiring online tutoring find their learning experience as engaging and effective as it would be in person when teachers and tutors use Wacom pen displays and tablets.
  • The learning experience is even more powerful when students also have a pen display or tablet at home. And for those studying or teaching STEM subjects remotely, being able to see the thought process that forms the solution, annotated in real time, is extremely helpful.
  • Replacing pen and paper with digital pen-enabled workflows means that lessons and students' work can be shared, annotated and marked easily using digital pen-enabled devices rather than pen and paper. Everything can also be archived digitally and progress can be monitored more easily.
  • Pen tablets are incredibly portable for both teachers and students, making remote tutoring simple and convenient.

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