Active Electrostatic (Active ES) technology enables a precise, power-efficient digital pen input experience.

30 years of perfection

Perfected and improved for over 30 years, Wacom’ s Active ES digital pen technology enables precise and intuitive input that lets people focus on their creations. From the pen-tip material, carefully selected to match each writing surface, to state-of-the-art signal noise management and pressure sensing techniques, every aspect of our technology is painstakingly optimized to achieve the familiar Wacom feeling.

How Active ES works

Wacom’s Active ES is an electrostatic capacitive pen coupling technology. It consists of a display containing a sensor with multiple electrostatic grids arranged at right angles to one another, that interacts with a Wacom digital pen. One sensor grid and the pen act as the transmitting unit that generates an electrical field; the other grids act as receiving units. The pen's position is identified based on differences in the charge amount detected on each sensor grid receiving unit.

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Incredible accuracy

Data exchange measured in milliseconds, and thousands of pressure sensitivity levels enable electronic handwriting that is biometrically accurate and feels just like using pen on paper. Palm rejection technology ensures that touching the tablet surface with your hand doesn’t result in accidental inputs.

Unique Identity

The unique PenID allocated to every Wacom pen ensures that content such as a signature or nots on a document can be linked to an individual user. Whether using a tablet in a meeting or collaborating on a presentation in the cloud, it’s always easy to determine who has contributed what, which increases working productivity and efficiency.

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