Digital Ink

The WILL™ standard for visualizing and storing universal ink data opens the door to new levels of creativity in digital ink applications.

Introducing the Wacom Ink Layer language (WILL™)

WILL™ is a universal ink platform and set of SDKs that has evolved from an engine for visualizing digital ink, to a way of securely capturing multiple biometrically accurate universal ink data streams in real time. It is now the de facto standard for any development team that wants to integrate biometric universal ink functionality into their existing applications, or create innovative new ones.

How WILL™ works

WILL™ captures and securely stores multiple streams of universal ink data. This provides context in terms of who created the ink content, and exactly how, where and when they did so. WILL™ also renders this data into a beautiful and biometrically accurate visual representation of universal ink. Pen-enabled devices running universal ink applications can be used in everything from multi-factor authentication within business processes, to communicating medical diagnoses.

WILL Technology
Technology WILL Portrait square
WILL™ 3.0 - Universal Ink

WILL™ 3.0 opens up a whole new world of universal ink opportunities. That’s because the WILL™ universal ink data format can now be fully exploited in the real world, as well as in augmented and virtual reality. The use cases stretch across customer experience, workflow optimisation, document management, art, design, science, music and many other disciplines.

Meaningful, accurate, versatile

WILL™ 3.0 connects universal ink to the semantic context of its creation and creator, linking it to the implicit meaning of the digital pen strokes as they are shaped. This enables an application to, for example, understand whether a document containing the word WILL is a description of a universal ink technology, an article about the actor Will Smith, or a legal testament.

Biometric accuracy enhanced through access to all the data streams produced by a digital pen allows, for example, signature accuracy to be verified and tracked over time. And the ability to create and record the relative depth of digital pen strokes within Augmented Reality and Virtuality Environments also makes WILL™ 3.0 ideal for 3D inking applications.

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