Last Updated: December 2023

Wacom is offering you the opportunity to purchase the full commercial version of Passpartout, subject to the following:

  • You need to have a Wacom ID account that can be created free of charge on Wacom’s website: or as part of the software purchase process in the applicable Wacom eStore.
  • You may purchase the full commercial version of Passpartout at a price separately indicated on the product page of the eStore of Wacom Technology Corporation ("WTC”).Once you complete your purchase, a license key will be made available to you through your Wacom ID account, with a link to the website of DRM platform “Steam”.
  • You need to register by filling in the necessary information including the license key provided by Wacom, as required at the Steam website.
  • Purchases can be made solely through the applicable WTC eStore in the specific regions where this offer is being made available.This offer made by WTC is currently being limited to customers having their registered residence in the US.
  • The offer is valid through a date separately indicated on the product page of the applicable Wacom eStore.
  • This offer is subject to WTC eStore and any associated IT systems or networks being available for access or use.Wacom is not responsible for any inability or failure to redeem or take advantage of the offer if for any reason WTC eStore or any associated IT systems or networks are unavailable for access or use.
  • Your purchase from Wacom of the full commercial version of Passpartout is subject to Wacom’s Terms of Sale for WTC eStore.Please refer to WTC’s Terms of Sale prior to completing your purchase.
  • Passpartout is provided by Flamebait.Accordingly, your use of Passpartout is further subject to your compliance with Flamebait’s end user license agreement.If you desire to purchase rights to Flamebait in addition to those rights you have purchased from Wacom, you must purchase those rights from Flamebait t or an authorized Flamebait reseller.Any technical issues or other issues associated with your use of Passpartout are not the responsibility of Wacom, and should instead be taken care of by Flamebait.
  • This offer is subject to the laws of the United States of America and is void where prohibited or restricted by law.Except as otherwise authorized by Wacom, this offer may not be combined with any other Wacom promotions or offers.Wacom reserves the right to end and/or change this offer unilaterally and without prior notice to you, including without limitation, by changing these terms.
  • For any questions concerning this offer, please contact Wacom’s Customer Support Center:
    • or call 1-855-699-2266, Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm.
    • Wacom may share your license key info with Flamebait for Flamebait to render direct support to youas Passpartout is a product of Flamebait. Wacom does not share any personal information with Flamebait.

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