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Thank you for your recent purchase of a Cintiq 13HD pen or Cintiq 13HD pen & touch display and welcome to the Wacom family. To get you up and running, we offer you free valuable software, as well as installation videos, webinars, blogs and software tutorials. Wacom also has a wide range of product accessories for your Cintiq 13HD. And if you need more help, you can contact one of our customer care representatives who are happy to assist you.

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Wacom 제품을 정상적으로 사용하려면 소프트웨어 드라이버를 설치해야 합니다. 아직 드라이버를 설치하지 않으셨다면 해당 소프트웨어 드라이버를 다운로드해 설치해 주십시오. 설치 후에는 이 페이지로 돌아와서 제품 사용에 대한 추가 도움말을 확인하시기 바랍니다.

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Wacom 제품을 정상적으로 사용하려면 소프트웨어 드라이버를 설치하여야 합니다. 아직 드라이버를 설치하지 않으셨다면 해당 소프트웨어 드라이버를 다운로드해 설치하여 주십시오. 설치 후에는 이 페이지로 돌아와서 제품 사용에 대한 추가 도움말을 확인하시기 바랍니다.


Help Guides

Please refer to the printed Quick Start Guide provided in the product box for descriptions of the parts and components for your Cintiq 13HD and instructions for setup. Help topics will help you make the best use of your Cintiq. You can access Help by pressing the ? icon located on the bottom right corner of the Wacom Tablet Properties in your driver, or from the Help & Support section of the Wacom Desktop Center.

Cintiq 13HD Users Manual ::before ::after

Based on customer feedback, the focus for the Cintiq product line has been on improving the user experience even further on these following aspects: comfort, control and productivity.

With the new Cintiq13HD you can experience the creative power of working naturally, direct on the HD screen of a slim, compact Cintiq:

  • High contrast 13.3" HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 178o viewing angle and 16.7 M colors.
  • The new powerful Pro Pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and a more comfortable ergonomic design, gives you more precise control than ever. And, for an easy way to take it with you there is the compact Pro Pen carrying case that includes storage for extra nibs and color rings that helps you distinguish between multiple pens.
  • Adjustable, detachable stand offers four ergonomic positions, including three working angles.
  • A convenient, new 3-in-1 cable reduces cable clutter and makes setup to any PC or Mac a snap.
  • Work easier and faster thanks to four customizable ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring and Home Button that provide one-touch access to your time-saving shortcuts.
  • Convenient USB 2.0 port lets you easily transfer photos and access files.

Wacom changed the surface of the Cintiq 13HD from etched glass to film in June 2013. Both of these surfaces provide the writing feel and durability that Wacom offers on all of our Cintiq creative pen displays and tablets. However, in this case, Wacom wasn’t able to source enough etched glass to fulfill demand so we changed the surface to high quality film. When making this decision Wacom balanced the writing feel with durability and manufacturability. This film is also used on both Cintiq Companion creative tablets and is similar to the quality surface used in our top of the line Cintiq 24HD touch creative pen display.

Hold your Cintiq 13HD on either side when connecting the cable. Plug it straight into the Cintiq and listen for a double click. If you don’t hear both clicks then reattach the cable.
In some instances, Cintiq 13HD shows up as an audio device instead of a display when used with Microsoft Windows® 7 and 8. If you lose the sound on your PC after installing the Cintiq 13HD then please follow these steps to quickly fix it:

Windows 7:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select "Sound"
  3. Right click on "Cintiq 13HD"
  4. Select "Disable"
  5. Select "Apply"
  6. Click "OK"

Windows 8:
  1. Press Start +X to open Window System Menu
  2. Select Control Panel from System Menu
  3. Select “Sound”
  4. Right Click on the “Cintiq 13HD”
  5. Select “Disable”
  6. Select “Apply”
  7. Click "OK"
Go to the operating system Display settings:

  • PC: go to the Control Panel and select “Display”. Change setting from “Landscape” to “Landscape Flipped”.
  • Mac: go to Preferences and change from “Standard” to “180o”.
Although the screen first appears upside down, it corrects itself by the Windows login page. Windows retains your settings and you do not need to reset the orientation. This is a feature of Windows
Go to the Control Panel on your PC or Preferences your Mac.  Select Display. Change the Cintiq 13HD to primary display and the cursor will appear on the Cintiq. If the Cintiq 13HD is setup as an extended display then it isn’t usable.
If Windows 7 is set to the larger fonts (150%) then the pen calibration targets don’t appear on the screen. To change this, go to the Control Panel on your PC and select Display. Change the font size to Medium – 125% or Small – 100%. Selecting larger fonts changes the size of every item on the display, not only text.
To access the Cintiq 13HD Display Settings ensure the Cintiq is set up as an extended display on your PC.
Check the status LED on the side of the Cintiq 13HD to see if it’s lit and the power connected.  If it’s not lit, then press the power button to turn on the Cintiq. If nothing happens, then reattach the Wacom 3-in-1 cable to your Cintiq 13HD and press the power button. If nothing happens, please contact your regional Wacom Customer Care team.
Wacom offers customers a range of pens and nibs to enhance their experience for all Cintiqs.

Accessory pens: The pens available today all support Intuos4, Intuos5 as well as Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq 21UX (DTK), Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq 24HD touch, and Cintiq 22HD. All pens come with a desktop pen stand or carrying case, an assortment of replacement nibs and the nib removal tool. The following pens are available:

  • Pro Pen: with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and a more comfortable ergonomic design, the new Pro Pen gives you more precise control. Use it with Intuos4, Intuos5, Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 22HD, and Cintiq 24HD.
  • Grip Pen: is the professional freehand tool and the standard pen for the Intuos4, Intuos5, Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 22HD, and Cintiq 24HD.
  • Art Pen: our most popular accessory pen provides rotation and the feel of flat brushes, markers, calligraphy pens and other natural media tools. Use it with either a round or chisel point nib. Application software support required.
  • Classic Pen: designed for those that prefer a thinner pen (a smaller diameter barrel), it is an alternative to the standard Grip Pen.
  • Airbrush: experience the benefits of using an airbrush with this pen. Software application support required.

Please note: first generation Intuos4 pens (those without “-01” used in the product code) will not work on the Cintiqs so we replaced them with the “-01” pens. They are differentiated by the Wacom logo near the eraser. The original pens have one Wacom logo while the correct “-01” pens have two Wacom logos.

With the Cintiq pen displays there is a full complement of nibs to match the activity. Nib selection depends on the type of work that is done and on personal preferences. Please note that the Hard Felt nib and the Flex nib should not be used with the Cintiq 24HD touch as they will cause scratches on the display surface.

Accessories for Cintiq 13HD include:
  • Cintiq 3-in-1 cable - cable with three connectors, power, HDMI and USB for use with Cintiq 30W power adapter (sold separately)
  • Cintiq adjustable stand - detachable stand adjusts to three different working angles.
  • Cintiq 30W power adapter - AC power adapter and cord for use with  Cintiq 3-in-one cable (sold separately)
  • Cintiq plug kit (varies by region) - country-specific plugs for use with Cintiq 30W power adapter (sold separately)

Wacom warrants the product, to the original consumer purchaser, except for the software and consumable items such as the pen nibs, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of two (2) years, from the date of original retail purchase, as evidenced by a copy of the receipt and registration with Wacom by mail or online within 30 days of purchase.
Contact Customer Care in your region. Please see for contact information.
Contact Customer Care in your region. Please see for contact information.
Each interactive pen display LCD panel is produced under very stringent quality standards. However production techniques cannot guarantee an absolutely perfect display, and some panels may exhibit a certain number of sub-pixels that show an incorrect color. See the Important Product Information guide for more information.
There are many sources for Wacom support from technical FAQs and videos posted online, support forums, and Customer Care agents. Please see for contact information.
Since the Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 22HD and Cintiq 13HD use LED backlight technology, they are mercury free. The Cintiq 24HD uses an industry standard CCFL backlight which is not mercury free.
Materials used in the Cintiq product line include silicon for the ExpressKeys, plastic and rubberized paint on the top case. It does not include latex.

Customer Support

Need help getting started with your Wacom? Contact our support team here or call: 1-855-MY-WACOM (699-2266)
Monday - Friday 6am to 6pm (Pacific Time)

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