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技术在很多方面为我们带来了便利,但它通常会限制我们的表达。借助 WILL Wacom,通过自己手写的方式,重新定义表达方式,并让人们按照直观和本能的方式使用技术。


Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL) 是一个连接硬件、软件和应用程序的通用墨迹引擎和油墨层框架。WILL 是一种可以实现高质量数字笔和墨迹体验的技术。提供给合作伙伴和外部开发人员使用的 WILL SDK 支持所有主要平台和操作系统。


随着 WILL 技术的引入,Wacom 为我们的合作伙伴和独立开发者带来了其高质量的电子笔和墨迹体验的悠久传统和专业知识。SDK 让实现过程变得尽可能容易,Wacom 也可以为在更复杂的环境中这项技术提供全面的支持和帮助。

Enhance your apps, software, OS or service with Wacom's advanced inking technology WILL.

  • 自然书写

    WILL SDK 可以让开发人员利用非常自然的墨迹体验来增强其产品。SDK 带有一些书写和素描工具以及一个可以实现在不同实体之间用墨水进行交换和协作的框架。
  • Exchanging

    Wacom 的墨水技术使用户能够在使用 WILL 技术的解决方案之间交换其创意作品。Wacom 的技术使墨水保持可编辑状态,并且可用于各种兼容 WILL 的应用程序、软件或服务。
  • 协作

    WILL 可以支持与墨水的实时协作。在不同的空间或使用不同的设备,在相同的画布上书写和绘画。在屏幕上的直接反应就像真正的墨水在纸上的反应一样,并且视觉上看起来很美观自然的笔触变化会实时渲染出来。


Yes, for example Wacom's Bamboo Paper applications for iOS, Android and Windows 8

Please send an email inquiry to

Please contact your Wacom WILL partner manager from whom you have received the evaluation WILL SDK

Yes, there are different technical support plans that Wacom offers for WILL.  Please send an email inquiry to for more information.

Yes, Wacom offers an attractive commercial licensing model for WILL.  Please send an email inquiry to for more information.

No, WILL's regular evaluation and commercial licenses do not include the option for redistribution of the SDK.  Please contact your Wacom WILL partner manager or send an email inquiry to if you have any questions or plans regarding redistribution of WILL SDK or products that contain WILL technology.

There are no specific prerequisites for apps to run WILL, as long as they are targeting any of the supported platforms.

WILL is supported on:

  • iOS 6 or higher with Objective C
  • Android 4 or higher with Java
  • Windows 8.1 with Windows Store XAML applications with .NET and C++
  • Web with HTML5/Javascript on any browser with full WebGL support

These platforms are not officially supported.  Please contact Wacom and share your intent.

Any development environment for the supported platforms is generally suitable.  However, the demo projects provided along with the SDK require the following IDEs:

  • Eclipse ADT for Android
  • XCode 5 for iOS
  • Visual Studio 2013 or higher and Windows 8.1 or higher

No, WILL is designed to work with any kind of pointer input devices.

Not necessarily, it works with touch or mouse too.

Wacom's browser plugin provided along with drivers or HTML5 Pointer Events when they become more widely supported by browsers.

Productivity demo project is utilising retained mode graphics, while the Creativity demo is utilising immediate mode graphics (directly rendering in bitmap).

Yes, WILL is designed to work in conjunction with other rendering engines, like font type renderers or general 2D graphics libraries.

Yes, images can be imported on the WILL canvas as OpenGL/DirectX/WebGL textures.

WILL SDK provides built-in support for the WILL stroke file format.  If you have questions about file compatibility for your existing application, please contact us under

It is more optimal for handwritten content compared to SVG.  It provides for uniform input independent graphical representation across devices unlike InkML.

Yes, inking tools are entirely parametrized and application developers can design their own tools.

SurfaceView or TextureView on Android, CAEAGLLayer on iOS, SwapChainPanel on Windows 8, HTMLCanvas on Web.

Yes, demo projects provide examples of that.

WILL Core modules are coded in C++ and they are compiled to ASM.JS (subset of Javascript) using Emscripten.

This happens when you open the Creativity and Productivity Demo simultaneously.  It is caused by the fact that both demos share the WILLComponents.xcodeproj as a sub-project.  The solution is to close both demo projects and then to have only one of them open at a time.  

For approximately 1 hour of handwriting with 'felt' tool (9353 strokes having 194090 total control points) the resulting file size is 1103 KB.

For approximately 1 hour of handwriting with 'felt' tool on iPad3 Model MD331FD/A, the performance stats are:

  • File size:  1103 KB
  • Strokes count:  9353
  • Total control points count:  194090
  • Total time for loading file and rendering:  3.595228 seconds
  • Loading and processing of stroke file format:  1.154047 seconds
  • Render time only:  2.441181 seconds


  • 企业和开发人员

    如果您对在您的应用程序、软件或操作系统中使用 WILL 技术感兴趣,请通过单击以下按钮来联系我们。


  • 新闻查询

    如果您是新闻从业人员并希望获得有关 WILL 的更多信息,请通过单击以下按钮来联系我们。


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