Get started with your Bamboo Fineline 2

It’s time to take notes to a new level, to design, diagram, doodle… Here’s where to learn how to set up your stylus and pair it with some great apps.

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1st Generation?

To get started with a Bamboo Stylus fineline
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Meet your stylus.

Fineline 2 getting started charging 1

Fineline 2 getting started charging 2

Charge your stylus by connecting it to your computer
or USB charger, using the cable provided.

Your stylus is ready when the LED turns off.

Visit our product page:

步驟 2:準備您的 iPad®

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Fineline 2 Getting Started Three Column bg 1a

Open your iPad settings.

Fineline 2 Getting Started Three Column bg 1b

Activate Bluetooth® wireless.

Fineline 2 Getting Started Three Column bg 1c

In "General" settings, Switch off "Gestures".

Read our blog post on getting started with the Bamboo Fineline 2.

Step 3: Install or open a supporting app

To use your stylus, you need to download a Wacom stylus compatible app that must be paired with your stylus.

Next, install an app.

  • Palm-Rejection
  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Shortcut-Functionality

Step 4: Pair the app with your stylus

Scroll down for "how to" videos

Fineline 2 Getting Started Three Column bg 2a

a) Open the app and find its Settings menu.

Fineline 2 Getting Started Three Column bg 2b

b) Open the Settings menu to enable the stylus support. You may need to open a notebook to pair your stylus.

Fineline 2 Getting Started Three Column bg 2c

c) Press the button on your stylus. The LED starts blinking blue. Pairing is completed when the LED stays on.

First, charge up your stylus.

bamboo paper 圖示

Bamboo Paper——將您的移動設備轉變為紙質筆記本

免費的Bamboo Paper應用程式幫助您捕捉思想和創意、筆記、素描和繪畫,就像使用真正的紙、筆一樣直接和輕鬆。

了解更多關於Bamboo Paper的資訊  ::before ::after

inkspace logo


利用與Bamboo Note和Bamboo Paper無縫地集成的Inkspace,您可以最多儲存5 GB並隨時隨地訪問和分享您的Bamboo Paper檔案,而且可自動備份和恢復您的工作。

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  • 請至支援頁面




This effect appears only on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina. You can avoid this by accelerating your drawing speed.
筆身開關的作用就像是捷徑按鈕。在大部分應用程式中,您可以從眾多功能中選擇,並將其中一種功能指定到筆身開關:例如,在 Bamboo Paper 中,您可以選擇橡皮擦、復原、重做及全螢幕。
當 Bamboo Stylus fineline 的電量只剩 10% 時,LED 會開始閃紅燈,這時候就需要為觸控筆充電了。如果要充電,請取下觸控筆頂端的蓋子,插入 USB 纜線 (附於包裝盒中),並將纜線連接到電腦或 USB 充電器中。大約只需一小時就能回復到 80% 電量;要回復 100% 電量,則需要兩小時左右的充電時間。
The new material of the nib is very durable and long-lasting. You can draw over 100 km of lines with it on an iPad screen. Replacement nibs can be purchased at the Wacom eStore.

LED 燈號能告訴您觸控筆的狀態,通知您有關配對、連線或電力不足的情形。燈號有紅、藍兩色,且會以持續發亮或閃爍來表示狀態。以下將為您詳盡解說各燈號的意義: 藍燈閃爍 = 觸控筆已可與應用程式連線:

  • 藍燈持續發亮兩秒 = 觸控筆已與應用程式連線
  • 紅燈閃爍 = 電量不足
  • 紅燈持續發亮 = 電池正在充電
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