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Whether sculpting characters for video games or sketching endless concepts for ground-breaking consumer products, the world’s creative enterprises have one thing in common: They rely on the power of Wacom’s pen and display technology to amplify their craft.

Streamline product design

With Wacom, your product, automotive and fashion designers have the digital tools needed to improve the speed and quality of their ideation and iterative workflow. Pressure-sensitive pen displays and tablets work like interactive, digital drafting tables for sketching concepts; sculpting, designing and manipulating 3D models; and creating stunning renderings.

Automotive Transportation

Applying the right curvature to a fender or wing, getting the reflections just so on a window, and touching up the details on an undercarriage affect how your customers react to your designs. When it comes to creating the next generation of planes, trains, automobiles and accessories, your artists need the tools to concept, collaborate, iterate, render and prototype—moving from high-volume 2D sketches in AutoDesk® Sketchbook® or Adobe® Photoshop® to 3D visualizations in CATIA efficiently.

Industrial Design

In industrial design, time is quite literally money. Every false start or mistake can delay a product rollout or increase the cost of a development project. Cranking out the highest quality concepts in the shortest amount of time gives you a business advantage.

With Wacom pen displays, your designers can tear through nonstop concepts and iterations in Adobe® Photoshop® and Autodesk SketchBook®, tweaking lines, airbrushing surfaces, changing color palettes and undoing mistakes. Instead, the pressure-sensitive tools simulate each stroke as intended, making 2D sketching in Adobe® Illustrator® and 3D modeling in Autodesk® Inventor® and SolidWorks® more efficient and precise. Designers can quickly turn sketches into fluid curves, and then curves into surfaces—delving into the nuances and fine points of their designs at record speeds.

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