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Follow the steps below to setup your
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Step 1

Plug the USB cable into your tablet and computer

Step 2

Download and install the driver

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Step 3

Restart and follow on screen setup instructions

Wacom Desktop Center

Open Wacom Desktop Center to:

 Customize pen switch settings
 Access user help
 Download driver/firmware updates
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One by Wacom is a creative drawing tool with a digital tablet and battery-free digital pen designed for aspiring creatives getting started in the digital creative world. It comes with easy setup instructions and simplified functions to get you drawing quickly.
One by Wacom is an affordable pen tablet with essentials but basic functions to learn how to create digital art. Intuos differentiates by offering Multi-Touch gestures, wireless capabilities (optional), 4 programmable ExpressKeys and more driver settings. Moreover, Intuos tablets are available in 3 different colours and ship in a various solutions including valuable creative software and print services.
The slim One By Wacom pen tablet is offered in two sizes. The durable paper-like surface provides a natural feel when drawing or painting. A detachable USB cable provides reliable and simple connectivity. The battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen is made using Wacom pen technology and it has 2048 pressure-levels and two customizable side switches.
Choosing the right size tablet is a personal choice depending how you plan to use it. The most popular size is medium which offers more space to draw freehand lines. Those with limited space or that need a tablet for mobile use may prefer the small one.
One By Wacom does not come with multi-touch technology.
One By Wacom does not include any bundled creative software. It does include a driver which must be downloaded from the Wacom website at This driver is required for the product to work.
The grid on the surface of the tablet displays the active area for the pen, this is the area where your pen will function on the tablet.
Three Extra nibs with a nib removal tool are located in a plastic bag in the box (with the USB cable).
Simply insert the pen tip in to the included Extractor and lightly tilt the pen to make a firm grip. Slowly pull the pen away from the tablet allowing the nib to freely exit the pen. Then remove the old nib from the pen and discard. Grab a new nib and slide this one into the pen gently until it is seated in the pen.
The Model number and Serial number for the tablet are located on the back of the tablet, above and below the bar-code. The model number differs depending on the tablet size and the region you purchased your tablet. The small tablets start with CTL-472. The Medium tablets start with CTL-672.
The One By Wacom tablet does not have any tethered slot to secure it.
No, the pen included with the One By Wacom tablet does not have a built-in eraser.
You can purchase extra standard nibs (product code ACK20001) and other nibs like Felt (product code ACK20003) and Flex (ACK20004) which have a different feel. You can also purchase a replaceable pen (product code LP190K) on the Wacom eStore. This pen is also compatible with the current Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablets (CTL490, CTH490, CTH690). If you need a new Micro-USB to USB-A cable, they can be easily found in many computer electronics stores.
No, the new One By Wacom line uses an improved version of the same technology, which is not compatible with previous generations of One By Wacom pens.

The tablet driver may not be installed properly. You will only be able to use the pen tip to move the screen cursor and click with the pen tip. Install (or reinstall) the driver software for the tablet.

If you need assistance, please contact customer support:

Some applications require that you turn on the pressure capabilities within the application or the selected tool before the pen will respond as a pressure-sensitive tool. Verify that your application supports pressure sensitivity before using.
Try adjusting the Tip Feel to a lighter setting. This adjustment can be found within the Wacom Tablet Properties.
Be sure you are quickly tapping the tablet twice in the same place on the tablet active area. Wacom recommends using the side switch to double-click. You can also open the Wacom Tablet Properties and navigate to the Pen tab. Try increasing the Tip Double Click Distance, or using a lighter Tip Feel.
One By Wacom differs from the previous generation by offerings improved ergonomic tablet design and color, enhanced pen pressure levels with the current Intuos Pen technology.
One By Wacom includes a pen tablet, a battery-free pressure-sensitive pen, a micro-USB to USB-A cable, 3 extra nibs, a nib removal tool and a Quick Start Guide.
To install your tablet, go to to find links to the driver, registration information, useful tutorials, frequently-asked questions and a link to the Wacom customer support team.

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