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Here’s an quick and easy four-step guide on how to set up Bamboo Sketch and pair it with leading apps.

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Bamboo Fineline

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Fineline click here.

The medium gray Bamboo Sketch case features a stylish green lining and a magnetic closure. Pen, USB charger and replacement nibs have their dedicated spots for convenient storage and accessibility
at all times.

Get started in just 4 quick an easy steps!


Step 1: Prepare your stylus

Plug the USB charger into the USB port of a computer or USB charging device. Snap Bamboo Sketch onto the magnetic connector of the USB charger.

The LED will turn off when the battery is fully charged. This can take up to two hours.

Press the lower side button to turn on your Bamboo Sketch. The LED will blink blue for 2 seconds.

Step 2: Prepare your iPad® or iPhone®

Open your Settings.

Activate Bluetooth® wireless to turn on the connection to your stylus.

Go to General Settings, select Multitasking and disable Gestures. Skip this step if you use an iPhone.

Step 3: Install or open a supporting app

Download or open a Wacom stylus compatible app to pair it with your Bamboo Sketch. Here’s a list of compatible apps:

  • Palm-Rejection
  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Shortcut-Functionality
  • Available on iPad
  • Available on iPhone

  • draw 100
    Adobe Draw
  • sketch 100
    Adobe Sketch
  • 512_100
  • astropad110x100
  • sketchbook pro app
    Autodesk® SketchBook®
  • bamboo paper app
    Bamboo Paper
  • Concepts
  • Good Notes
  • IbisPaint
  • medibang app i
  • Procreate3 100
  • Sketch Club
  • Tayasui
    Tayasui Sketch
  • Zen Brush app
    Zen Brush 2
  • zoom notes app
    Zoom Notes

Step 4: Pair the app with your Bamboo Sketch

Open the settings menu inside the app.

Enable stylus support by selecting Bamboo Sketch, Bamboo Stylus or Wacom Stylus. You may need to open a new note or notebook to pair your stylus.

Pairing and the name of the stylus may vary by app. See for more detailed pairing videos.

Press the lower side button to pair your stylus. Pairing is completed when the LED stays on.

Repeat step 4 for pairing when using an app with Bamboo Sketch for the first time.
Press the lower side button for pairing when re-entering an app.

Easy nib replacement

Bamboo Sketch comes with two different exchangeable nibs which are conveniently stored inside the case. To exchange the currrent nib, simply stick it into the small hole that is built into the side of the case. Tilt the stylus and remove the nib.

Take the other nib, press up gently to install. Make sure the nib is resting properly.

Pair your stylus with leading creative apps for drawing, sketching and note taking'

bamboo paper icon

Bamboo Paper – Turn your mobile device into a paper notebook

Bamboo Paper turns your device into a paper notebook. Capture your thoughts and ideas, notes, sketches and drawings as straightforward and easy as with a real pen and paper.

Learn more about Bamboo Paper ::before ::after

inkspace icon

Store, shape and share your ideas

Inkspace, seamlessly integrated in Bamboo Note and Bamboo Paper, is the cloud-based service to save, access, synchronize and share your notes and ideas – anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about Inkspace ::before ::after


Visit the Wacom Store

Bamboo Sketch USB Charger

Charging via USB: Simply insert the USB charger into your USB port and snap the pen onto the magnetic connector.

Stylus nibs for Bamboo Sketch and Bamboo Tip

Personalize the pen feel with two different nib types – choose between soft and firm.


Bamboo Sketch – Natural sketching on iPad or iPhone

Bamboo Sketch is a fine tip stylus for ideating and sketching on both an iPad and iPhone. Its fine tip, with pressure sensing, is specifically tuned for a natural, precise and authentic pen experience on iOS devices – just like using a pen on a paper sketchpad. Bamboo Sketch also works with older iPad generations featuring Bluetooth® as well as the iPhone 6 and above.
The Bamboo Sketch works on most iPad models featuring Bluetooth® as well as iPhones. It also works with older iPad generations featuring Bluetooth® and iPhone 6 and above. Check for list of tested devices: 

• iPad
• 9.7 inch iPad Pro
• 12.9 inch iPad Pro
• iPad Air 2 
• iPad Air 
• iPad mini 3 
• iPad mini 2 
• iPad mini  
• iPad (4th generation) 
• iPad (3rd generation) 

• iPhone 7
• iPhone 7s
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6 Plus
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6s Plus
No, devices with Windows 10 and Android operating systems are not compatible with the Bamboo Sketch. However, you can use the Bamboo Ink or a precise and extremely natural writing experience on a number of Windows 10 devices. Visit for more details.

Included with your stylus is a convenient stylish case, the USB charger (1), and two extra nibs (3), one soft (gray) and one firm (black). There is a nib remover (2) on the side of the case.

Pen case:

When the battery capacity of the Bamboo Sketch reaches approximately 15%, the LED light begins to blink red and you will need to recharge. 
Charge your stylus by connecting the USB charger provided to your computer or USB charging device. Attach the magnet on the stylus to the USB charger. Charging is complete when the LED light turns from red to off, after approximately 2 hours.

Charging LED

Simply press either button on the stylus to turn it on. A blue LED light indicates the stylus is on. If the Bamboo Sketch stylus is asleep, touch it to the device screen to turn it on automatically. If you need to pair it with a supporting app, simply press the lower button. After 10 minutes without use, the Bamboo Sketch turns itself off automatically. If you want to turn it off manually, press and hold either button for 5 seconds. This will also disconnect it from any apps

Hold the Bamboo Sketch with the bottom end of the stylus in contact with your hand so it can ground the stylus properly. Avoid placing your fingers too close to the tip.

When Bamboo Sketch is paired to most compatible apps, you can select from a range of time-saving functions that can be assigned to the buttons. For example, in Bamboo Paper you can choose between "eraser,” "undo," "redo" and "full screen."


The LED lights indicate the status of the Bamboo Sketch, informing about pairing, connecting or a low battery. There are two colors—blue and red--and the lights can either be solid or blinking. Here is an overview of what this means in detail:

• When you turn the Bamboo Sketch on, a blue LED blinks for two seconds to indicate that the stylus is on. 
• When you turn the Bamboo Sketch off, a red LED blinks for two seconds to indicate that the stylus is off.  
• When the battery is low, a red LED will flash. 
• While charging, a red LED will be on. 
• Once your stylus is ready, the LED will turn off.
• When your stylus blinks blue it is in the process of pairing with an app
• When the blue light is on your stylus is paired with an app


You can draw more than 100 km (60 mi) of lines with the Bamboo Sketch on an iPad or iPhone screen. Under most circumstances, the nib will provide months of use, however, if the nib is wearing faster than expected, try using less pressure when writing and drawing. Replacement nibs, (ACK23016) can be purchased online at the Wacom Store. For accessories and other product options, go to and click on "Store."

Turn the pen case on its end to find the nib remover. Place the tip of the Bamboo Sketch in the hole and pull up at an angle. After replacing the nib, gently press up so the nib rests properly.

Nib removal
Nib installation

First check that the battery is charged. Next, check that Bluetooth® wireless is enabled on your iPad or iPhone and activated in your stylus. When you hold the stylus with your fingers in the grip area, make sure that the bottom end is in contact with your hand in order to ground it properly.

The Bamboo Sketch must also be paired with a compatible app. The blue LED lights stays on when the app is paired. Please check for a list of compatible apps, pairing videos and other information. For additional help, visit and click support. 
Only Wacom stylus-compatible apps can properly correct this offset, so first ensure that you are using a compatible app and the stylus is paired with it. Check for the blue light to verify that it’s paired. For a list of supporting apps, pairing videos and other information visit  
If you still experience this gap or offset, go to the “Stylus” settings in a compatible app and choose a hand position that fits best. Apps such as Bamboo™ Paper support multiple hand positions.

If you are using non-supporting apps, you can minimize this effect by holding the stylus in a more vertical manner or by using your iPad in landscape mode.
Open the Settings app on your iPad.
In “General > Multitasking” settings, switch off “Gestures”.
However, some apps, especially drawing apps, are multi-touch enabled so they don’t support palm rejection. To prevent your app screen from moving or accidental marks you will want to avoid touching the screen with your hand.
In the rare occasion a line doesn’t appear while writing or sketching on your iPad or iPhone, try one of these solutions:

• Do not charge your iPad or iPhone while using the Bamboo Fineline or Bamboo Sketch.
• Avoid using a screen protector (protective foil) on your iOS device or use one that’s less than 0.2 mm (.01 in) thick.
Bamboo Sketch must connect to the iPad or iPhone through Bluetooth® to work smoothly and enable its smart features such as pressure sensitivity and customizable buttons.

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