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Government and public sector organizations use Wacom solutions to streamline citizen services and other functions, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

Improve the citizen experience

Government departments and other public sector organizations can make dramatic cost savings and improve customer service by digitizing their paper-heavy workflows.

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How Wacom helps

Wacom solutions for government and the public sector help improve service efficiency by enabling the digitization of hundreds of thousands of forms and signatures with robust, reliable hardware. Wacom’s low or zero maintenance devices also help maximize the return on tight public sector budgets. Finally, Wacom products ensure a familiar form completion and signing experience for citizens, even if they have limited experience with technology.

Government Use Cases

Government Services

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The future of government processes is digital. But citizens want to deal with a real person when it comes to important issues. Wacom technologies bridge this digital/human divide.

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Eliminate unnecessary paperwork

From driving license applications to complaint forms, public sector organizations all over the world are replacing paper-based workflows with digital equivalents. Wacom solutions for government and the public sector help by:

  • Enabling forms to be completed and signed digitally and cost-effectively using robust, low maintenance Wacom signature pads and pen displays.
  • Shortening wait times for citizens by accelerating in-person form completion.
  • Saving money on paper and ink, sometimes enabling the complete elimination of printers and associated supplies.
  • Eliminating the cost of document storage, archiving and secure destruction.
  • Ensuring digital capture of high resolution, biometrically accurate signatures for passports and ID cards.
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Discover how this Danish local authority has digitized its passport and driving license application procedures using Wacom signature pads.

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“The Wacom STU device allows us to display all the information in a compact way.”

Peer Anker Hansen, Head of Citizen Services, Høje-Taastrup

Process Approvals

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It’s often the internal approval of decisions that slow processes down, not the processes themselves. Wacom technologies help remove approval bottlenecks.

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Accelerate process approval

Paper-based processes that require in-person approvals slow down citizen service delivery. Using Wacom solutions for the public sector helps mitigate this by:

  • Enabling government staff to complete forms faster digitally.
  • Removing the cost of paper management, storage and secure disposal from the process chain.
  • Ensuring staff can work using the same applications they have always used.
  • Making it easy, fast and comfortable to complete repetitive document-oriented tasks.
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Erding Registry Office

Discover how this German registry office is using Wacom interactive pen displays to eliminate paperwork from approval processes.

Wacom for Government Public sector esignature Stadt Erding

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“By using the interactive pen displays, we save about 224 kilograms of paper a year, not to mention space and money.”

Alexander Renauer, Head of IT, Erding Registry Office

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